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L.J. Smith
“DON'T YOU DARE DIE ON ME, JEZEBEL! DON'T YOU DARE! Or I'll follow you to the next world and KILL you.”
L.J. Smith, Huntress

L.J. Smith
“Listen to me, Jez. There's no reason for you to die-"
No it isn't! Not to humans. And you're half human. You're vampire enough to survie something that would kill a human, but you're human enough not to be poisoned by wood.”
L.J. Smith

Ridley Pearson
“Jez had gone from an evil twin to a sweet, even angelic, girl, all in less than a minute.”
Ridley Pearson, Disney at Dawn

J. Kenner
“I don't regret this at all, but I'm not a shrinking violet of a girl who's been suddenly mesmerized by your magical, mystical cock."

"It is pretty spectacular, isn't it?"

"I'm not about to say anything to add to that ego,”
J. Kenner

J. Kenner
“Or we could skip all that, and I could show you my favorite view of the river."

"Where's that?"

"My condo."

Her eyes widen almost imperceptibly. "So, I'm guessing that the view of the city is a euphemism?"

"It might be," I admit. "I know you said you wanted your day out. But Jez--"

"Shut up, Pierce," she says, silencing me with a finger on my lips. "And let's go. I'd hate to miss an exceptional view.”
J. Kenner