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Lisa Kleypas
“So if you were dating the UPS guy, he could buy you whatever the hell he wanted. But I cant."well...yes, but I'd never date the UPS guy. Those brown shorts are just not a turn-on for me.”
Lisa Kleypas, Sugar Daddy

Deyth Banger
“Star Wars is more likely as "Yup, grown up… I can't watch animations or cartoons… because in front of others I am going to look as screw up… person…"… "That's why I am going to watch Star Wars… it's kinda of animation or cartoon TV Show but for grown ups.”
Deyth Banger, Jokes From A

Louis Sachar
“I have a package for somebody named Mrs. Jewls,” he said.
“I’ll take it,” said Louis.
“Are you Mrs. Jewls?” asked the man.
“No,” said Louis.
“I have to give it to Mrs. Jewls,” said the man.
Louis thought a moment. He didn’t want the man disturbing the children. He knew how much they hated to be interrupted when they were working.
“I’m Mrs. Jewls,” he said.
“But you just said you weren’t Mrs. Jewls,” said the man.
“I changed my mind,” said Louis.
The man got the package out of the back of the truck and gave it to Louis. “Here you go, Mrs. Jewls,” he said.”
Louis Sachar, Wayside School Is Falling Down