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Stephen Fry
“One of the most unattractive human traits, and so easy to fall into, is resentment at the sudden shared popularity of a previously private pleasure. Which of us hasn't been annoyed when a band, writer, artist or television series that had been a minority interest of ours has suddenly achieved mainstream popularity? When it was at a cult level we moaned at the philistinism of a world that didn't appreciate it, and now that they do appreciate it we're all resentful and dog-in-the-manger about it.”
Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles

Stephen Fry
“I really do believe that there are those who would like and trust me better if they saw me weeping into a whisky, making a fool of myself, getting aggressive, maudlin and drunkenly out of control. I have never found those states in others anything other than tiring, awkward, embarrassing and fantastically dull, but I am quite sure that people would cherish a view of me in that condition at least once in a while.”
Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles

“Discipline is currency for purchasing your progress”

سليم اللوزي
“في السودان صراع حضارات و أديان, صراع سيطرة على الموارد الوفيرة في هذه البلاد الطيبة, متاريس مرتجلة على الأرصفة, حواجز مضادة للدبابات, أبراج مراقبة عالية تلامس السماء, فئة تحتمي بالقديسين و الأخرى بالأنبياء, غافلين عن أن الجميع خلقهم إله واحد.”
سليم اللوزي, ذبائح ملوّنة

“I shook Alan’s hand and the feeling just grew stronger. It was a bit frustrating. Like when you’re looking for what to say and it’s on the tip of your tongue, but no matter how hard you try, it just keeps eluding you.”
Pamela Alvarado