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Chaim Potok
“I will go wherever the truth leads me. It is secular scholarship, Rebbe; it is not the scholarship of tradition. In secular scholarship there are no boundaries and no permanently fixed views.”
Lurie, if the Torah cannot go out into your world of scholarship and return stronger, then we are all fools and charlatans. I have faith in the Torah. I am not afraid of truth.”
Chaim Potok, In the Beginning

Laura Weakley
“Torah is not just a book, not just a bunch of laws, and not just a history, but so much more. The Torah is a way ofd life to learn and live, and when studied, a spiritual way to understand life as well as providing instructions on getting closer to Adonai (God). When we treat others kindly, fairly, and lovingly, both in our home, social, and business lives, we are living Torah. The "truth" is the Torah is many things simultaneously.”
Laura Weakley

Greg Mortenson
“Just as the Torah and Bible teach concern for those in distress, the Koran instructs all Muslims to make caring for widows, orphans, and refugees a priority.”
Greg Mortenson, Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace ... One School at a Time

Wendy Mogel
“The sages advise us to study Torah lishma-"for its own sake" rather than to impress others with our scholarship. A paradox of parenting is that if we love our children for their own sake rather than for their achievements, it's more likely that they will reach their true potential.”
Wendy Mogel, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children

David Wilber
“Like Yeshua, James is against the idea that we can just pick and choose which commandments are relevant to our lives. We have no authority to declare some commandments valid and others invalid. All of the Torah is important.”
David Wilber, When Faith Works: Living Out the Law of Liberty According to James

David Wilber
“God did not intend the Sabbath to be a burden, but rather a time of joy. The Bible says that blessings come when we honor the Sabbath and call it a delight (Isaiah 58:13). Yeshua said the Sabbath was made for our benefit (Mark 2:27). So enjoy it and give thanks to God for giving us rest.”
David Wilber, A Christian Guide to the Biblical Feasts

Carmen Joy Imes
“The law envisions a different kind of life, characterized by self-discipline and self-giving love. Imagine a community where every member actively worked to love and protect their neighbor!”
Carmen Joy Imes, Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters

Charles Grandison Finney
“Evermore the Law must prepare the way for the gospel. To overlook this in instructing souls is almost certain to result in false hope, the introduction of a false standard of Christian experience, and to fill the church with false converts.”
Charles Finney

“Let my people go”
Anonymous, The Holy Bible: King James Version

“The religious Jew is to study Torah for the sake of studying Torah. Torah lishmah. The ingenuity of the edict, I realized was that it relieved you of the obligation to be qualified. You studied because you had to study, and those who taught had to take you as a student.”
Judith Shulevitz, The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time

David Wilber
“Proper Torah observance must flow from a heart of love for our neighbor. If we claim to be Torah observant but neglect matters of justice, mercy, and faithfulness, then we are not truly Torah observant.”
David Wilber, When Faith Works: Living Out the Law of Liberty According to James

David Wilber
“We must not become so overly obsessed with the minute details of the Torah that we neglect the more important parts. However, we also must not say that the “less important” parts of the Torah aren’t important at all. God forbid! While we certainly must emphasize the weightier matters of the Torah, at the same time we must not invalidate the lighter matters”
David Wilber, When Faith Works: Living Out the Law of Liberty According to James

David Wilber
“God expresses His will to us through His written word. Do we truly believe that? Because to say, “This commandment is irrelevant,” is to say, “God’s will for my life in this area isn’t important to me.” God is the one who makes the rules, not us.”
David Wilber, When Faith Works: Living Out the Law of Liberty According to James

“If God doesn’t exist, no value is absolute. Life is just one big crapshoot.”
Gershon Schusterman, Why God Why: How to Believe in Heaven When it Hurts Like Hell

Dwight L. Moody
“It is a great mistake to give a man who has not been convicted of sin, certain passages that were never meant for him. The Law is what he needs. Do not offer the consolation of the gospel until he sees and knows he is guilty before God. We must give enough of the Law to take away all self-righteousness. I pity the man who preaches only one side of the truth, always the gospel and never the Law.”
D L Moody

Martin Luther
“Satan, the god of all dissension stirs up daily new sects. And last of all which of all others I should have foreseen or once suspected. He has raised up a sect such as teach that men should not be terrified by the Law but gently exhorted by the preaching of the grace of Christ.”
Martin Luther

Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
“Jesus shrugged. “Have you read the Torah? God doesn’t pick the best of the best. He picks the guys who need help.”
Phillip Andrew Bennett Low, Get Thee Behind Me, Santa: An Inexcusably Filthy Children's Time-Travel Farce for Adults Only

“For many Jews during Talmudic times, conversion to Christianity prob- ably did not appear as a major change: Christianity looked like a slightly di erent version of the Jewish religion, with the same core belief in one God and the Torah but with fewer demanding requirements. For many Jewish households that earned their living from farming—and especially the poorer ones that struggled to support their families and, as illiterate, were made to feel like outcasts (ammei ha-aretz) by the local rabbis and lit- erate Jews—Christianity probably seemed a welcome change: it enabled them to believe in the same God without having to obey several costly norms, including the one that required fathers to educate their sons.”
Maristella Botticini, The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492

Rachel Held Evans
“The Law taught the Israelites how to rest on the Sabbath, treat immigrants with compassion, and celebrate their deliverance story through rituals and holidays. It called them to worship one God, denouncing all forms of idolatry, and to honor that God with a community characterized by order and neighborliness. In an ancient world that often celebrated violent indulgence, the Law offered a sense of stability and moral purpose.”
Rachel Held Evans, Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again

“I cling to this notion now because it is what allows me to feel a connection to a vast body of knowledge of which I am not master, much as I am able to live in a society bursting with information that I will never wholly comprehend. I take comfort from a lesson that seems implicit in the Talmud itself, which is that not knowing Torah is part of the lesson of Torah.”
Jonathan Rosen, The Talmud and the Internet: A Journey between Worlds

Dennis Prager
“God made nature, and is therefore not natural. This led to the end of the universal human belief in nature gods (such as rain gods). And sure enough, as belief in the Torah’s God declines, nature worship seems to be returning.”
Dennis Prager, The Rational Bible: Exodus

“„Kto jest zbyt miłosierny w stosunku do okrutników, staje się w końcu sam okrutnikiem w stosunku do miłosiernych”.”
Agady Talmudyczne

Erich Fromm
“The essence of the Torah is the command: Do not do unto others as you should not want them to do unto you—the rest is commentary. Go and study.”
Erich Fromm, You Shall Be as Gods

Eli Of Kittim
“A religion is not judged by the contents of its book but by the power of its Spirit.”
Eli Of Kittim, The Little Book of Revelation: The First Coming of Jesus at the End of Days

Aiyaz Uddin
“It was the titanic that sank and the ark that floated.”
Aiyaz Uddin

“The God of my disbelief is magnificent
The Torah we recieved at Sinai,
And in Lublin we gave it back.
Corpses do not praise God.”
Jacob Glatstein

“Even one item from the Torah is worth several thousand gold dinars (Midrash haGadol, 14th century Yemen).”
David Adani

Aiyaz Uddin
“God isn't a competition to be won but a destination to be reached,
Within humans, this truth must be realized.”
Aiyaz Uddin

“If I am not for myself, who is for me? And if I am for my self only, what am I?”
Hillel, Pirkei Avot, Ethics of Our Father

“It matters not what women think, or what they think they know. God never said to the Man: "...and your desire shall be for your wife and she shall rule over you."
- Genesis 3:16

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