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Robert Galbraith
“it was weird. Would you believe it if some supermodel called you up and told you she was your sister?’

Strike thought of his own bizarre family history.

‘Probably,’ he said.”
Robert Galbraith, The Cuckoo's Calling

Jenny  Lawson
“Even the ugliest person's cellulite is more attractive than the most beautiful supermodel's lower intestine.' I'd put that on a T-shirt but probably Mark Twain already said it.”
Jenny Lawson, Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Leigh Bardugo
“Yes, supermodels have the power to make you buy things you don't need and feel terrible about yourself.”
Leigh Bardugo, Wonder Woman: Warbringer

David J. Schow
“Suppose every photo of me ever taken was an infinitesimal piece? Every magazine ad, every negative, every frame of motion picture film - another tiny molecule of me, stolen away to feed an audience that is *never* satiated. And when someone is fully consumed - vampirized - they move on, still hungry, to pick their next victim by making him or her a star. That's why they're called consumers. ("Red Light")”
David J. Schow, Seeing Red

“High Maintenance; I don’t like to live in place that snows a lot, albeit I’d love to visit one. I won’t marry a super model, albeit date one.”
Yatin Patel

Laura  Oliva
“Darius blinked. "You're an accountant?" She looked more like a supermodel librarian. Not that he could tell her that.”
Laura Oliva, Season Of The Witch

“Tiffany learned that Lin had stolen Tiffany’s book title idea: “2 girls 1 cup.” A month ago, Tiffany had confided to Lin about Tiffany’s research showing that there was nothing on Amazon with the title “2 girls 1 cup,” and Tiff intended to be the first one to use that title for her upcoming book. Lin had betrayed her. Now, Lin’s book was available online and it was on the bestsellers list.
Tiffany’s first go-to move for revenge against any of her female friends was to go sleep with her BFF’s boyfriend. That was “Dr. Bob” as Lin called him affectionately (he was Lin’s drug source).”
Lin Xun, 2 Girls 1 Cup