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Scott Westerfeld
“That Shay was in possesion of hand grenades was a comforting thought showed what kind of night this had become.”
Scott Westerfeld, Specials

Scott Westerfeld
“It doesn't take much convincing to make someone believe they're better than everyone else.”
Scott Westerfeld, Specials

Scott Westerfeld
“The world needed more fireworks- especially now that there was going to be a shortage of beautiful, useless things.”
Scott Westerfeld, Specials

Joanne Harris
“Wine talks; ask anyone. The oracle at the street corner; the uninvited guest at the wedding feast; the holy fool. It ventriloquizes. It has a million voices. It unleashes the tongue, teasing out secrets you never meant to tell, secrets you never knew. It shouts, rants, whispers. It speaks of great plans, tragic loves and terrible betrayals. It screams with laughter. It chuckles softly to itself. It weeps in front of its own reflection. It revives summers long past and memories best forgotten. Every bottle a whiff of other times, other places, every one- from the commonest Liebfraumilch to the imperious Vueve Clicquot- a humble miracle. Everyday magic, Joe had called it. The transformation of base matter into the stuff of dreams. Layman's alchemy.
Take these six in Jay's cellar, for instance. The Specials. Not wines really meant for keeping, but he kept them all the same. For nostalgia's sake. For a special, yet-to-be-imagined occasion. Six bottles, each with its own small handwritten label and sealed with candle wax. Each had a cord of a different color knotted around its neck; raspberry red, elderflower green, blackberry blue, rose hip yellow, damson black. The last bottle was tied with a brown cord. Specials '75, said the label, the familiar writing faded to the color of old tea.”
Joanne Harris, Blackberry Wine

Scott Westerfeld
“She pulled away, his grip no stronger than the strands of a spider web.”
Scott Westerfeld

Amy E. Reichert
“There isn't a menu, only a few daily specials. You might get some molecular gastronomy or classic French food or meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but it's always amazing."
"Today they have family-style broasted chicken. The best in the state," Doug said.
"Fried, but under pressure. I don't really know what magic happens, but its extra juicy and crunchy.”
Amy E. Reichert, The Kindred Spirits Supper Club

Laekan Zea Kemp
“On Thursdays, they come here for the best palomas in town, thanks to my substitution of Jamaican tangelos and blood limes for the traditional grapefruit. And on Fridays, they come for half-price pork carnitas, legendary thanks to my addition of sweetened condensed milk, which caramelizes the meat with a sweet coating.”
Laekan Zea Kemp, Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet