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Patricia H. Graham
“Never let it be said that dialect is a reflection of intellect.
On the contrary, it is a reflection of the deep traditional values of a culture that respects family, God, and a
language system above everything else. I give thanks to my maker that I’m a Southern woman.”
Patricia H. Graham

Mark Kemp
“I loved the land that surrounded me but hated the history that haunted that land.”
Mark Kemp, Dixie Lullaby: A Story of Music, Race, and New Beginnings in a New South

Jason Latour
“I refuse to believe that Southern pride stems from the pain we’ve inflicted on others. Southern pride comes from what we’ve built together. In our music and art and innovation.

In the people who honor us by taking our culture out into the world and celebrating it. It comes from people seeking us out, and flocking here to experience all that we know and love.

We are all neighbors. We are all Southerners. This is OUR culture, and it means what WE choose it to mean.

So, yes. I’ll say it again—Southern Pride is good collard greens.

Death to the flag.

Long live the South.”
Jason Latour, Southern Bastards #3

Kay Boyle
“Collecting statistics at camp Zachary Taylor after the armistice [WW1 1918], I found that out of two hundred and fifty men from Kentucky and Tennessee, ninety were completely illiterate, several were actual imbeciles, two had syphilitic rheumatism; and any number had married at childhood ages, from twelve - the youngest - to seventeen. They had married girls from nine - the youngest - to fourteen. So I am ready to believe that the Faulkner and Caldwell depictions of ingrown sections of the country are based upon actual conditions....”
Kay Boyle, Being Geniuses Together, 1920 1930