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Paul Acampora
“Shelving books incorrectly is as good as stealing them. It's almost worse.”
Paul Acampora, I Kill the Mockingbird

Tao Lin
“But then his parents changed. A year of California had changed them. They stopped sending money. Greg was forced to go out into the world, to interact with real people. And he was glad of this. He had always wanted to be a normal person. To be at ease in society. He had just been too scared to try. But now he was forced to, and so he did–he went and got a job at the public library. He was not quite a librarian, but close. Greg was a shelver. There would be carts of books to shelve, then there would be no more carts of books to shelve, then there would be carts of books to shelve.

As a shelver, Greg felt that life was passing him by in a slow and distant, but massive, way–like the moon.”
Tao Lin, Bed