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Charlotte Eriksson
“No one will come and save you. No one will come riding on a white horse and take all your worries away. You have to save yourself, little by little, day by day. Build yourself a home. Take care of your body. Find something to work on. Something that makes you excited, something you want to learn. Get yourself some books and learn them by heart. Get to know the author, where he grew up, what books he read himself. Take yourself out for dinner. Dress up for no one but you and simply feel nice. it’s a lovely feeling, to feel pretty. You don’t need anyone to confirm it.”
Charlotte Eriksson

Louise Penny
“Her tragedy was that she always found men to save her. She never had to save herself. She never knew she could.”
Louise Penny, A Rule Against Murder

Dan Groat
“Devotion to self is necessary. First, place the mask on yourself and breathe deeply. Then help the others. If you don’t save yourself, they will die.”
Dan Groat, Monarchs and Mendicants

“Give everyone room to mess up so that when they do you won't be disappointed and if they don't you'll be impressed.”
TemitOpe Ibrahim

Jaeda DeWalt
“As an adult, emerging from the ether's of an abusive childhood, i found myself left with a constant craving for protection, safety and security. I spent many years living my life, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I needed to control everything, in an effort to prevent any harm from coming my way (even though control is an illusion).

It took me many years to realize i had to become that safe harbor for myself. And that part of becoming that safe harbor was not about avoiding life, but rather, developing the confidence and coping skills to know that i would have what it takes to find my way through life's inevitable trials and tribulations.”
Jaeda DeWalt

Hannah Moskowitz
“The fish will not blame you. You have to do this. I will not look at you and think you're a bad brother. Nobody will. You have to leave because this time you have to save yourself.”
Hannah Moskowitz

Lenore Look
“Being a superhero is hard work. You have to save the world. But going to school is even harder. You have to save yourself.”
Lenore Look

Heather R. Blair
“Did you really think giving yourself up to me would save her?”

Miles gave a wide, slow smile that showed the glint of his fangs, his eyes never leaving Reegan’s face even as Kelsey moved into his line of sight.

“Not at all. I merely thought it would give her time to save herself, you deluded piece of shit.”
Heather R. Blair, Phoenix Rising

D.M. Shiro
“Intent on not worrying for the rest of the day, I jumped out of bed and plugged my iPack into the radio. I selected 'Save Yourself' and heard the guitar strumming from the speakers. The singer's voice drifted over waves in the atmosphere, swaying between air currents, and entered my mind producing a relaxing effect.”
D.M. Shiro, The Grate

Don Roff
“It's better to write something, anything, than to starve the monster. The monster must feed. And it will feed on your soul if not your words. Its appetite is insatiable. Write to save yourself from the monster.”
Don Roff

Sonali Dev
“When I was too young to know better, I dreamed of a white knight. Someone who'd rescue me, protect me, keep me from harm. By the time I found him, all I wanted was for him to know I didn't need protecting.”
Sonali Dev, A Change of Heart