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Molly Harper
“THE BLUE GLACIER SALOON was part general store, part restaurant, part bar. It was my fantasy come true, a Stuckey’s that served shots.”
Molly Harper, How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf
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“With such luck as this, he rode the beast in the jaunty way that she deserved, back north, seemingly back from Mexico, pulling up finally at an outlying bar-ex-saloon (they had covered the old adobe face with knotty pine, substituted big stone matades for the cuspidors) and having brought her wrecklessly this far did not park her in the little parking lot but in front of the church next door. They had lifted that face too and neonized, but it did no good, they seemed to know they had no chance against an older god, their doors were closed. Thus one could join the pagan worshipers with a self-righteous shrug, through latticed doors.”
Douglas Woolf, Wall to Wall

Larry McMurtry
“He had ridden his horse into the saloon on a dare from a whore – his practice was always to accept dares; it spiced life up a little.”
Larry McMurtry, The Last Kind Words Saloon

Sandra Jones
“Fort McNamara stood in the Arkansas River Valley near the Indian Territory border, its citizens declaring it to be the last white civilization for hundreds of miles. But civilization was an ironic choice of words for the place as far as Kit was concerned.”
Sandra Jones, His Most Wanted

Christina Engela
“It was a mild winter’s evening in ‘Japp’s Saloon and Speakeasy’, in the northwest corner of the only legal red-light area of the city. (The S.O.D.s believed in crime management.) Timaset Skooch leaned back in the aluminum framed chair, checking his cards carefully while wearing his best poker face. Across the table from him sat Jonn Deire, a large man who was trying very hard to out-poker face him and who didn’t enjoy jokes about his name much.”
Christina Engela, Loderunner

C.G. Faulkner
“I’d prefer ‘Bonnie Blue Flag’, if you take requests…” Tom had turned and rested his elbows on the bar. His hand was inches from the Colt. These were the men he was looking for.”
C.G. Faulkner, Unreconstructed

C.G. Faulkner
“Now, if you don’t know ‘Bonnie Blue Flag’, then ‘Dixie’ will do nicely…” Tom began, cocking the pistol.
Jesse stared, mouth agape at the carnage in the room.
“NOW PLAY!” Tom exploded.”
C.G. Faulkner, Unreconstructed

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