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Vera Nazarian
“It's a fact—everyone is ignorant in some way or another.

Ignorance is our deepest secret.

And it is one of the scariest things out there, because those of us who are most ignorant are also the ones who often don't know it or don't want to admit it.

Here is a quick test:

If you have never changed your mind about some fundamental tenet of your belief, if you have never questioned the basics, and if you have no wish to do so, then you are likely ignorant.

Before it is too late, go out there and find someone who, in your opinion, believes, assumes, or considers certain things very strongly and very differently from you, and just have a basic honest conversation.

It will do both of you good.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Michael Bassey Johnson
“When someone puts an end to something, it doesn't mean that he gave up, it means that thing is not taking him anywhere.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Always be careful of where you run to. When the going gets tough, take it easy and slow down, else you venture into the den of lions.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Harley King
“Knowing when and how to change course is important to success. Self-doubt is a lighthouse that will keep you from running aground. Don't become shipwrecked on the rocks of time. Be willing to rethink your decisions and change course.”
Harley King

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Oh that I had the opportunity to rethink so many of my decisions, for the pitfalls into which I have so frequently fallen were often dug with the shovel of those very decisions.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough, Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone: Simple Truths for Profound Living

“If you're the only one that can see the genius in you, It's best you revisit the drawing board.”
Nike Thaddeus

“Instead of us to have a rethink and begin to use the money we use in building fences, to build bridges of social organizations, NGOs, employment platforms, we again turn around and try to bad mouth our system, forgetting that we are the system. We are the nation. We are the government. We are the people!”
Sunday Adelaja

“We must want to rethink how we really live.”
sir kristian goldmund aumann

Susan C. Young
“Have you made a choice in your past which was right at the time, but once you had a chance to think about it, you wished you could reverse your decision or amend it? Rethinking gives you permission to use your thoughts to change your mind. Take what is and spin it around to give you a new review and fresh perspective.”
Susan C. Young

“Not all dreams are possible or realistic. When this happens you have to bade them farewell.
This isn't failure, but it's a sign of maturity and learning on your part.
All you need to do is rethink what you wanted to do, in the first place,and see what you can change.
Then that is called determination and that, will lead to you having success.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Anthony Ryan
“I did wonder if I'd have cause to rue my action. Now I believe it can safely be filed under Necessary Regrets.”
Anthony Ryan, The Waking Fire

“Even if you regret, it will not reverse what happened. Rethink, relearn and replan, so you will not repeat what happened.”
Gift Gugu Mona