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Jack London
“You have grudged the very fire in your house because the wood cost overmuch!" he cried. "You have grudged life. To live cost overmuch, and you have refused to pay the price. Your life has been like a cabin where the fire is out and there are no blankets on the floor." He signaled to a slave to fill his glass, which he held aloft. "But I have lived. And I have been warm with life as you have never been warm. It is true, you shall live long. But the longest nights are the cold nights when a man shivers and lies awake. My nights have been short, but I have slept warm”
Jack London, To Build a Fire and Other Stories

Joyce Rachelle
“When I trust someone I do it without doubt or fear or reservation. And then I work on a Plan B.”
Joyce Rachelle

Madhu Vajpayee
“Yes, we have to seek redemption! Redemption from the divisive politics based on caste and religion, redemption from the corruption which is eating our lives like termites, redemption from misery of poverty, redemption from the sins of our venal politicians. We need good governance and accountability. An individual has to fight for the things he rightfully deserves. People do not need crutches of any kind if the basic conditions of nation are conducive to their growth. It’s ridiculous; people are first deprived of basic amenities, denied their dues and then offered carrots to benefit the vote bank politics.”
Madhu Vajpayee, Seeking Redemption

Amit Kalantri
“A job should be given to those who deserve it, not those who demand it.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Sherman Alexie
“I am a zero on the rez. And if you subtract zero from zero, you still have zero. So what's the point of subtracting when the answer is always the same?”
Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Amit Kalantri
“Respect for all, reward for the worthy, reservation for none.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words