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Brooke Shields
“Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.”
Brooke Shields

Craig Silvey
“I never understood why you would ever feel the need to shoot the fish in the barrel. I mean, they're in a barrel, you've already caught them. The hard work's done, they can't escape. So if you want them dead, just drain the water out. Why bring guns into it?”
Craig Silvey, Jasper Jones

Max Barry
“Last month we had to sit through a presentation on eliminating redundancy, and it was a bunch of Power Point slides, plus a guy reading out what was on the slides, and then he gave us all hard copies. I don’t understand these things.”
Max Barry, Company

Rebecca McNutt
“It was the smell that hit her first. It was a sterile, antiseptic and very distinctive medical smell, a smell with an underlying metallic reek of blood beneath it. Disturbing as this was, Selena wasn’t necessarily shocked. It was a hospital, after all. Just like schools had a tendency to smell like chalk dust and sweat and cafeteria mystery meat, just like auto shops stank of gasoline and rust, hospitals had an odour reflecting their whole purpose, and it was sort of redundant to try and hide it.”
Rebecca McNutt, Insidious Resident

Seanan McGuire
“The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club.”
Seanan McGuire, Ashes of Honor

Paul Park
“I thought you could build a story that would function as a machine or else a complex of machines, each one moving separately, yet part of a process that ultimately would produce an emotion or a sequence of emotions. You could swap out parts, replace them if they got too old. And this time you would build in some redundancy, if only just to handle the stress.
One question was: Would the engine still work if you were aware of it, or if you were told how it actually functioned? Maybe this was one of the crucial differences between a story and a machine.”
Paul Park, All Those Vanished Engines

“We live in a world where words are as meaningless as a snowflake in a blizzard”
Hiba Fatima Ahmad

Will Advise
“Having no applicable skills, in any possible area whatsoever, effectively makes me the master of redundancy. But that info is obsolete, like my insults dictionary, which I stole.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Ron Brackin
“A curse of being a writer is the compulsion to edit. Take the sign on my walking trail, for example. It reads, 'Watered by well water.' One of these days, no matter how hard I try to resist, I just know I'm going to paint it out to read, 'Irrigated by well water.' If you don't get this, it's because you're not a writer.”
Ron Brackin

Andrew  Butcher
“To be honest, I’m not going to lie, but at the end of the day, the fact of the matter is …”
Andrew Butcher, A Death Displaced