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Ann Aguirre
“But it was like a dance across a field strewn with razors, and I bled with every step I took.”
Ann Aguirre, Restoration

Rick Yancey
“Ringer, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but—”
“You don’t want to burst my bubble butt?”
“That sounded suspiciously like a joke.”
Rick Yancey, The Infinite Sea

Katie McGarry
“Eli and Pigpen walk backward as a human shield as they fire, edging me toward my bike.”
Katie McGarry, Walk the Edge

Christina Engela
“This was his first trip on the Ossifar Distana, his first real splash in life. Look what it got him. Mister Smiff liked anonymity. He kept a low profile, often traveling under assumed names, claiming to be anything from a banker to a (very) successful life insurance salesman. He’d never broken the law, at least not irreparably. He was quite generous, well liked, sponsoring many charities anonymously – which is why it was so surprising to find him floating face down in the private spa in his apartment, murdered. He had been murdered, unless it was a freak shaving accident. Those old razors weren’t called cut-throats for nothing. Yikes.”
Christina Engela, Dead Man's Hammer

Katie McGarry
“Eli abruptly stands. His chair rocks, then hits the floor. “It means Mom’s mental stability was more fragile than we thought in those last few months.”

His hand hammers the screen door as he leaves and the door comes back and slams into the wood. I glance at the bylaws. Olivia was a lot of things toward the end and one of them was lucid. Eli’s hiding something, and when I peer over at Cyrus, the pensive stare in my direction confirms he’s hiding something, too.”
Katie McGarry

Stephen King
“I can remember, as a kid, one of my fellow kids asking me to imagine sliding down a long, polished bannister which suddenly and without warning turns into a razorblade. Man, I was days getting over that.”
Stephen King, Danse Macabre

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