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J.K. Rowling
“She can't keep writing about what a tragic little hero I am, it'll get boring.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Gore Vidal
“The American press exists for one purpose only, and that is to convince Americans that they are living in the greatest and most envied country in the history of the world. The Press tells the American people how awful every other country is and how wonderful the United States is and how evil communism is and how happy they should be to have freedom to buy seven different sorts of detergent.”
Gore Vidal
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“Never judge someone's character based on the words of another. Instead, study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment. An honest woman can sell tangerines all day and remain a good person until she dies, but there will always be naysayers who will try to convince you otherwise. Perhaps this woman did not give them something for free, or at a discount. Perhaps too, that she refused to stand with them when they were wrong — or just stood up for something she felt was right. And also, it could be that some bitter women are envious of her, or that she rejected the advances of some very proud men. Always trust your heart. If the Creator stood before a million men with the light of a million lamps, only a few would truly see him because truth is already alive in their hearts. Truth can only be seen by those with truth in them. He who does not have Truth in his heart, will always be blind to her.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Amin Maalouf
“People sometimes imagine that just because they have access to so many newspapers, radio and TV channels, they will get an infinity of different opinions. Then they discover that things are just the opposite: the power of these loudspeakers only amplifies the opinion prevalent at a certain time, to the point where it covers any other opinion.”
Amin Maalouf, The First Century After Beatrice

Henry A. Wallace
“The obvious types of American fascists are dealt with on the air and in the press. These demagogues and stooges are fronts for others. Dangerous as these people may be, they are not so significant as thousands of other people who have never been mentioned.

The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information.

With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.”
Henry Wallace

Claude Adrien Helvétius
“To limit the press is to insult a nation; to prohibit reading of certain books is to declare the inhabitants to be either fools or slaves: such a prohibition ought to fill them with disdain.”
Claude Adrien Helvetius, Treatise on Man: His Intellectual Faculties and His Education V1

A.J. Liebling
“Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.”
A.J. Liebling

Oscar Wilde
“In the old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press.”
Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband

Andy Weir
“Not enough,” Annie said. “The press is crawling down my throat for this. And up my ass. Both directions, Venkat! They’re gonna meet in the middle!”
Andy Weir, The Martian
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John F. Kennedy
“And so it is to the printing press--to the recorder of man's deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news--that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.”
John F. Kennedy

Diane Setterfield
“My genius is not so frail a thing that it cowers from the dirty fingers of newspapernen.”
Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale

Thomas Jefferson
“No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free no one ever will.”
Thomas Jefferson

P.G. Wodehouse
“The brains of members of the Press departments of motion-picture studios resemble soup at a cheap restaurant. It is wiser not to stir them.”
P.G. Wodehouse

Nora Ephron
“The image of the journalist as wallflower at the orgy has been replaced by the journalist as the life of the party.”
Nora Ephron, Wallflower at the Orgy

Barbara Kingsolver
“But newspapers have a duty to truth,' Van said.
Lev clucked his tongue. 'They tell the truth only as the exception. Zola wrote that the mendacity of the press could be divided into two groups: the yellow press lies every day without hesitating. But others, like the Times, speak the truth on all inconsequential occasions, so they can deceive the public with the requisite authority when it becomes necessary.'
Van got up from his chair to gather the cast-off newspapers. Lev took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. 'I don't mean to offend the journalists; they aren't any different from other people. They're merely the megaphones of the other people.”
Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna

Oswald Mosley
“Newspapers are not made any longer by news or journalism. They are made by sheer weight of money expressed in free gift schemes. They serve not the interests of the many, but the vested interests of the few.”
Oswald Mosley, Fascism: One Hundred Questions Asked And Answered

In short, whoever does violence to truth or its expression eventually mutilates justice, even though
“In short, whoever does violence to truth or its expression eventually mutilates justice, even though he thinks he is serving it. From this point of view, we shall deny to the very end that a press is true because it is revolutionary; it will be revolutionary only if it is true, and never otherwise.”
Albert Camus, Resistance, Rebellion and Death: Essays

Oswald Mosley
“The Press will not be free to tell lies. That is not freedom for the people, but a tyranny over their minds and souls. Much humbug is talked on this subject. What is press freedom? In practice it means the right of a dew millionaires to corner newspaper shares on the stock exchange and to voice their own opinions and interests, irrespective of the truth or of the national interest.”
Oswald Mosley, Fascism: One Hundred Questions Asked And Answered

Jeff Rice
“Sherman Reilly Duffy of the pre-World War I CHICAGO DAILY JOURNAL once told a cub reporter, 'Socially, a journalist fits in somewhere between a whore and a bartender. But spiritually he stands beside Galileo. He knows the world is round.' Well, socially I fit in just fine between the whore and the bartender. Both are close friends. And I knew the world was round. Yet, as time went by I found myself confronted with the ugly suspicion that the world was, after all, flat and that there were things dark and terrible waiting just over the edge to reach out and snatch life from the unlucky, unwary wanderer.”
Jeff Rice, The Night Stalker

Alan Bradley
“The press was ruthless, but then so was the church.

Flavia de Luce”
Alan Bradley, Speaking from Among the Bones

Karl Marx
“The Constitution, the National Assembly, the dynastic parties, the blue and the red republicans, the heroes of Africa, the thunder from the platform, the sheet lightning of the daily press, the entire literature, the political names and the intellectual reputations, the civil law and penal code, the liberté, égalité, fraternité and the second of May 1852—all have vanished like a phantasmagoria before the spell of a man whom even his enemies do not make out to be a magician. Universal suffrage seems to have survived only for a moment, in order that with its own hand it may make its last will and testament before the eyes of all the world and declare in the name of the people itself: Everything that exists has this much worth, that it will perish.”
Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

Don Henley
“We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
Comes on at five
She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam
In her eye
It's interesting when people die -
Give us dirty laundry

Can we film the operation?
Is the head dead yet?
You know, the boys in the newsroom got a
Running bet
Get the widow on the set!
We need dirty laundry

You don't really need to find out what's going on
You don't really want to know just how far it's gone
Just leave well enough alone
Eat your dirty laundry”
Don Henley

“The amnesiac tech press weaves the narrative fallacy around the proceedings, fabricating a make-believe dramatic arc from steely-eyed product ideation to flawless and unhesitating technical execution. What was an improbable bonanza at the hands of the flailing half-blind becomes the inevitable coup of the assured visionary.”
Antonio Garcia Martinez, Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley
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Jeff Rice
“This 'vampire' stuff is to stay right in this room. Until we have the assailant in custody we say nothing about these girls being drained of blood. No more rumors. No reports in the papers," he added, looking directly at me and ignoring my colleague from the opposition press. "The official opinion at this time is that the cause of death is 'undetermined and under investigation'. We don't want to start a panic. It's bad for police operations. It's bad for the people. And it's had for business.”
Jeff Rice, The Night Stalker

John Varley
“Looking around me, I saw that all my colleagues were busy at the same task. Eyes were rolled up, mouths hung open, here and there a finger twitched. It had to be either a day trip from the Catatonic Academy, or the modern press at work.”
John Varley, Steel Beach

“To remain far-sighted, you need to surround yourself
with far-sighted visionaries. You need to surround yourself with people who think like you. You need
to surround yourself with people who speak the same language as you. You need to surround yourself with people who fight and refuse to give up on their
destiny. You need to surround yourself with people whose testimonies give you reasons to press on.”
D.S. Mashego

Friedrich Nietzsche
“The Press. -- If we consider how even to-day all great political transactions glide upon the stage secretly and stealthily; how they are hidden by unimportant events, and seem small when close at hand; how they only show their far-reaching effect, and leave the soil still quaking, long after they have taken place; -- what significance can we attach to the Press in its present position, with its daily expenditure of lung-power in order to bawl, to deafen, to excite, to terrify? Is it anything more than an everlasting false alarm, which tries to lead our ears and our wits into a false direction?”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All-Too-Human 1-2

“To remain far-sighted, you need to surround yourself
with far-sighted visionaries. You need to surround
yourself with people who think like you. You need
to surround yourself with people who speak the same language as you. You need to surround yourself
with people who fight and refuse to give up on their
destiny. You need to surround yourself with people whose testimonies give you reasons to press on.”
D.S. Mashego

“Carolyn M. Edy has broadened and deepened our understanding of women war correspondents. In so doing, she has expanded our appreciation of the scope and quality of their work and has corrected the many incomplete or incorrect conclusions of those who wrote the first drafts of history. These women served, and served well, their country and their profession, and it is good to have them restored to their proper place in history.”
Michael S. Sweeney, The Military and the Press: An Uneasy Truce

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