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جون ستيوارت ميل
“خير لى أن أكون سقراطا ساخرا , من أن أبقى خنزيرا راضيا”
جون ستيوارت ميل, عن الحرية

A.E. van Vogt
“If I believe the same things today I did yesterday I've learned nothing.”
A.E. van Vogt

“Your children are a perfect example of your beauty, because it starts from within...”
John Ryzak

Philip K. Dick
“Gerçeklik, ona inanmayı bıraktığın vakit, kaybolup gitmeyendir.”
Philip K. Dick

سعود السنعوسي
“ليست الحرب هى القتال فى ساحة المعركة ، بل تلك التى تشتعل فى نفوس أطرافها . تنتهى الاولى ، و الثانية تدوم.”
سعود السنعوسي, ساق البامبو

علي الماجد
“When the sky cries with tears, earth smiles with life”
علي الماجد

“The expression e=mc2 is the ultimate statement in bounce per ounce.”
Nigel S. Hey

“My 11 #books come without pomp n frills, for all seeking #true #meaning & unafraid of overcoming past conditioning. #Rewards are infinite”
Michael Levy

“لقدْ كانَ المستشفى العام ( وهو مؤسسة ظهرت سنة 1661 م )

وفيه تجسد الحجز بامتياز ، كان سجنا وإصلاحيةً ومأوى

ومارستاناً ، أي أداة قمع مثلى تقوم بكلِ شيء عدا العلاج .
أَنشيءَ في بداية الأمر في فرنسا يأمرٍ ملكي ، لمحاربة العطالة

والتسكع والتسول في الشوارع وعلى أبواب الكنائس ، ليصبح بعد

ذلك غولا هائجا سرعان ما ابتلع في طريقه كل شيء . ابتلع كل

الذين يوجدون على جنبات خط رفيع لا يرى رسمته المصالح الخاصة

والعامة : "مصلحة العائلة " و " مصلحة المجتمع " ومصلحة الدولة

Michel Foucault Madness and Civilization A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason

عزالدين شكري فشير
“وتعلمت اكثر ما تعلمت السماحة في الرأي والأمل في صواب ولو يسير لمن يخالفني الرأي”
عزالدين شكري فشير, مقتل فخر الدين

“With the decline of the United States as the world’s leader, I find it important to look around our globe for intelligent people who have the depth of understanding that could perhaps chart a way to the future. One such person is Bernard-Henri Lévy a French philosopher who was born in Béni Saf, French Algeria on November 5, 1948. . The Boston Globe has said that he is "perhaps the most prominent intellectual in France today." Although his published work and political activism has fueled controversies, he invokes thought provoking insight into today’s controversial world and national views.

As a young man and Zionist he was a war correspondent for “Combat” newspaper for the French Underground. Following the war Bernard attended Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris and in 1968; he graduated with a degree in philosophy from the famous École Normale Supérieure. This was followed by him traveling to India where he joined the International Brigade to aid Bangladeshi freedom fighters.

Returning to Paris, Bernard founded the ‘New Philosophers School.’ At that time he wrote books bringing to light the dark side of French history. Although some of his books were criticized for their journalistic character and unbalanced approach to French history, but most respected French academics took a serious look at his position that Marxism was inherently corrupt. Some of his musings include the predicament of the Kurds and the Shame of Aleppo, referring to the plight of the children in Aleppo during the bloody Syrian civil war. Not everyone agrees with Bernard, as pointed out by an article “Why Does Everyone Hate Bernard-Henri Lévy?” However he is credited with nearly single handedly toppling Muammar Gaddafi. His reward was that in 2008 he was targeted for assassination by a Belgium-based Islamist militant group.

Looking like a rock star and ladies man, with his signature dark suits and unbuttoned white shirt, he said that “democracies are not run by the truth,” and notes that the American president is not the author of the anti-intellectual movement it, but rather its product. He added that the anti-intellectualism movement that has swept the United States and Europe in the last 12 months has been a long time coming. The responsibility to support verified information and not publicize fake news as equal has been ignored. He said that the president may be the heart of the anti-intellectual movement, but social media is the mechanism! Not everyone agrees with Bernard; however his views require our attention. If we are to preserve our democracy we have to look at the big picture and let go of some of our partisan thinking. We can still save our democracy, but only if we become patriots instead of partisans!”
Captain Hank Bracker, "Salty & Saucy Maine"