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Michael Bassey Johnson
“It is good to stay in a peaceful poverty than to stay in a painful wealth.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Mark Twain
“Loose and forbear!”
Mark Twain, The Prince and the Pauper

Ogwo David Emenike
“Happiness does not completely depend on comforts or opulence. Even a pauper can be happier than a prince.”
Ogwo David Emenike, Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Don't drive a car in the dream, else you won't drive it on earth. Don't wish to become, else you won't become. Don't associate with fools, else your ancestors will be insulted. Don't be addicted to wine, else your pocket will be empty. Don't be drunk, else you'll be attacked.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

John Marsden
“A beggar who goes fishing may use a worm which has feasted on a king as his bait. And the fisherman may eat the fish caught with that bait. What does this tells us? Well, it tells us that a king may progress through the guts of a pauper.”
John Marsden, Hamlet

“Turn thy crown upside down! You need to feel how it is to kneel as those less fortunate than your noble deal.”
Stanley Victor Paskavich, Stantasyland: Quips Quotes and Quandaries