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Stephen Schwartz
“It's just life, so keep dancing through.”
Stephen Schwartz, Wicked: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Musical

Sara Raasch
“It's a weapon we have, and we need all the weapons we can get”
Sara Raasch, Ice Like Fire

Andrea Heltsley
“I could have sworn I just heard him thinking about the proposal he had planned. Red roses and champagne waiting at the restaurant, but maybe I imagined it.”
I frowned in turn. “You could read his thoughts?”
“It is probably just my imagination running away with me. I’m so freaked out that I plucked the idea from my own head. I’m not a mind reader.”
“Well, it is easy enough to test. Try to concentrate on me and tell me what I’m thinking.”
Finally, Nessa’s eyes lit up and met mine. Amused, she quirked a smile at me. “Really, Cora, that’s lame. I love fluffy bunnies, is not what I expected.”
Andrea Heltsley, Dissolve

Andrea Heltsley
“I dreamt I was a purple butterfly floating in the summer breeze. Then I woke up in a field of tall grass in the dirt.”
Her features crumpled and she threw her arms around me. “Oh, Cora, that must have been awful. How did you manage to get back here? You didn’t walk back naked, I hope. We don’t need the attention.”
Andrea Heltsley, Dissolve

Andrea Heltsley
“Damn it, Cora, we could have been exposed! You can’t take joyrides like that. What if someone saw you?” Nessa lectured.
“And you, Noah; stop it with the dirty thoughts. She just lost her boyfriend so don’t even think about it. Do we understand each other?”
Andrea Heltsley, Dissolve

Andrea Heltsley
“Thanks for going in with me,” I told her.
“No problem, there is too much testosterone in the car without you. I’m outnumbered. Besides, coffee sounds perfect,” Nessa, said as she got in line for our drinks.
-Cora and Nessa at Starbucks”
Andrea Heltsley, Dissolve

Andrea Heltsley
“Sounds like this ability stuff went okay with Shane after all. I had no idea that he would react like that,” Noah said.
“Yeah, well, it helps when he wants to rip Nessa’s clothes off,” I said grinning.
“Hey, I might just let him. He is pretty hot,” Nessa joked.
-Noah, Cora and Nessa”
Andrea Heltsley, Dissolve

Andrea Heltsley
“This outfit makes me want to get my nose pierced and spend some time at the tattoo parlor,” I said, frowning at the clothing.
“Hey, we can make that happen,” Nessa, joked.
“That’s very funny, Nessa,” I said as I pulled out the knee high black combat boots and black fishnet stockings to match.
“It is better than the plaid cowboy shirt and Wranglers they got me,” Noah said, as he held up the outfit complete with worn leather cowboy boots.
“Oh, Nessa, we will pay you back dearly for this,” I said sarcastically.”
Andrea Heltsley, Dissolve