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C.C. Hunter
“Take some very deep breaths," Miranda said. "Relax. Concentrate. Then envision a frosty six-pack and wiggle your pinky."
A frosty six-pack. Kylie inhaled. He held out her pinky, and right then Della chimed in. "We are talking a six=pack of soda, not a cold guy with good-looking abs, right?"

There was a strange kind of sizzle in the air. And suddenly appearing in front of the refrigerator was a shirtless, shivering guy with great abs. His blue eyes studied the three of them in complete bafflement.

"What the...!" he muttered.
Kylie gasped.
Miranda giggled.
Della snorted with laughter.”
C.C. Hunter, Whispers at Moonrise

C.C. Hunter
“Go out with me tomorow night," Perry went on. "Let me prove to you that I'm the guy you want."
"I...I guess I coul go out tomorrow night," Miranda sounded shocked and a little swept off her feet.
Then, from the corner of her eyes. Kylie saw something move at the office window. When she looked back, she spotted Burnett and Holiday standing there high-fiving each other. No doubt Burnett was listening to the coversation and sharing the details with Holiday.
Perry nodded, stepped closer, and then pressed a quick kiss on Miranda's cheek. It had to be the most romantic thing Kylie had ever seen.
..."What?" Miranda asked. "You're happy my date [with Todd] wasn't exciting?"
"No," Kylie said. "Let's just say we're more excited about tomorrow night's date."
A bright smile lit up Miranda's face. "Me too. Can you believ Perry did that? I mean, he was so..."
"Romantic," Kylie said.
"Hot," Della added.
"Sweet," Miranda whispered. "I couldn't stop thinkibng about him all night."
And that was the best news Kylie had gotten all day.”
C.C. Hunter, Taken at Dusk

Miranda Hart
“If I did better... I'd be God.”
Miranda Hart

Dianne Sylvan
“she decided no human man would ever touch her again. the doors to her body and heart were already locked, and she would give the key to only one man, perhaps someday...perhaps never...but all the same she didnt care about falling in love, or getting married, or any of that, anymore. it was too late for mortal men to stake any sort of claim to her affections. if she grews old and died alone, it would be in full posession of her heart.

and if she ever gave it, she would give it eternally, and without regret.”
Dianne Sylvan, Queen of Shadows

Dianne Sylvan
“god, can you imagine getting married at nineteen?" miranda asked. "when i was nineteen i didnt even know how to do my own laundry." she added, for david's beneit, "you know, laundry? washing your own clothes? there are people who do that."

he rolled his eyes. "i know how to do laundry. i watched my wife do it dozens of times.”
Dianne Sylvan, Queen of Shadows

Kristen Callihan
“I feel you," he said, "whether stalking me through the streets of London, or hiding behind a screen in my library.”
Kristen Callihan

Courtney Milan
“She had always thought that she wanted someone to love her beyond all reason. Someone who would slay a regiment of knights to save her the slightest inconvenience.
She'd been wrong. That sort of fool left nothing but a swath of bloody knights in his wake.”
Courtney Milan, Unraveled

Rebecca Stead
“It's crazy the things a person can pretend not to notice.”
Rebecca Stead, When You Reach Me

Jennifer Foor
“Why is it that when your life is at a breaking point, every freaking song on the radio relates to it. If I heard one more sad song, I was going to rip the radio out of the dash and toss it out on the road.”
Jennifer Foor, Risking Fate

Vanessa Garden
“You don’t like me, do you?’ he asked. ‘And yet, you liked it when I held your hand.’
I stood there, burning with humiliation.
He smiled. A spark of interest illuminated his eyes.
‘I find that so intriguing.’
‘I didn’t like it,’ I said, when I finally found my voice. ‘I hated it.’
Marko smiled.
‘Shall we try it again, then, just to be sure?”
Vanessa Garden, Captivate

Kristen Callihan
“She ought to call him Benjamin, but it was too intimate, too soft.
"My lord?" she ventured, only half serious.
"Good, God, no."
She bit back a smile. "Husband?" she took a sip of wine.
He grunted. "Are we to become Quakers?”
Kristen Callihan

“Where are you taking me?” he asked.
“To Got Games for a pair of those trick handcuffs,” I said. “I’m not letting you get away so easy this time.”
Kim Askew Amy Helmes, Tempestuous

Rachel Caine
“I need to be a vampire," she said. "and I want one of them to make it happen. Michael will do fine. I don't care who turns me. The important thing is that if I change, I'll be a princess."

I was wrong. She was really crazy.”
Rachel Caine, All Hallows

Vanessa Garden
“Have you ever read Hans Christian Andersen’s story of The Little Mermaid, Miranda? Have you ever wanted
something so badly that you were willing to suffer the sensation of a thousand blades cutting into your feet?”
Vanessa Garden, Captivate

Rachel Caine
“It's been happening since I was in kindergarten. Not them all the time, but other kids, you know. Every day. It never stops, and it never goes away, thanks to the Internet--it just keeps happening every minute, every day. And I just want it to stop. I think about how to do it, you know. How to kill them. All kinds of elaborate things, like trapping them in pits and burying them alive, or covering them with concrete.”
Rachel Caine, Bite Club

Vanessa Garden
“Marko pressed the creased paper flat against the note stand, rested the pads of his fingers lightly over the top of the keys and began to play. I watched him at first, my eyes drinking in the gorgeous sight that was Marko lost inside his head, but then the music—at first soft, like drops of dew, then rippling and rolling like a shower of rain—swept me away.”
Vanessa Garden, Captivate

Sagara Lux
“La felicità è un sentimento pericoloso. Una volta che l’hai provata, diventa difficile accettare di perderla. Tentare di riconquistarla, invece, è un po’ come cercare di fermare il tempo. Impossibile.”
Sagara Lux, Non mentirmi

Kristen Callihan
“Indeed, for the first time in memory, she felt… not comfortable, precisely—he affected her too much for her to relax into that emotion—but safe. She felt she might say anything she wished and not be ridiculed for her opinion, nor forced to justify her existence or usefulness. The sensation was a breath of clean air in the deepest of London fogs.”
Kristen Callihan, Firelight

Kelly Link
“...está muy cansada de sentirse agradecida con la gente.”
Kelly Link

Kelly Link
“Odio cuando la gente me tiene lastima.”
Kelly Link

“Soft where he felt hard.
Warm where he felt cold.
Whole where he felt incomplete.
Perfect where he felt broken.”
CC Hunter, Midnight Hour