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Megan Whalen Turner
“I want you to steal something."
I smiled. "Do you want the king's seal? I can get it for you."
"If I were you," said the magus, "I'd stop bragging about that." His voice grated.
My smile grew. The gold ring with the engraved ruby had been in his safekeeping when I had stolen it away.”
Megan Whalen Turner, The Thief

Kore Yamazaki
“Red hair like yours is unusual in all corners of the world. Other folk have often feared the red-haired as witches, or called them soul-less... But, it's the perfect color for a mage!

Red is the color of the Earth itself, and of the fire that burns within it -- and of the blood in our own veins"

- Lindel, Ancient Magus Bride, V4”
Kore Yamazaki, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 4

Donald Tyson
“The yogi
tends to work inwardly, focusing on the body, whereas the magus directs the will
outwardly upon the objects of the greater world. This apparent distinction is misleading,
since inner world and outer world have no dividing boundary, but are an
indivisible universe perceived by a single human mind. The ultimate goal is similar
in both practices-to master the personal universe and yoke it to the higher aspirations.”
Donald Tyson, The Magician's Workbook: Practicing the Rituals of the Western Tradition

Clifton Hill
“Walking alongside his apprentice’s horse, Sethil Longmere, magus of the Third Circle, Magi Master of Dormir’s army, and a man who had seen more years than most men could count, did his best to keep his apprentice Rousche from falling off his gelding. The dun horse had a sure foot and a good temper, but it seemed unlikely the animal was used to a grown man lying face first in its mane, legs sprawled behind, dangling with each step.”
Clifton Hill, Veil of a Warrior

Aleister Crowley
“I find that I was wrong in suggesting that a Master of the Temple had a right to enter the temple of a Magus or an Ipsissimus. On the contrary, the rule that holds below, holds also above. The higher you go, the greater is the distance from one grade to another.”
Aleister Crowley, The Best of the Equinox, Enochian Magick: Volume I

Toni Pike
“I have been wrong and Simon Magus has been right.”
Toni Pike, The Magus Covenant

Aleister Crowley
“It must here be explained that my innate diffidence forbade me to aspire to the Grade of Magus in any full sense. Such beings appear only in every two thousand years or so.”
Aleister Crowley, The Vision and the Voice: With Commentary and Other Papers