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William Shakespeare
“By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“I dare do all that may become a man;
Who dares do more, is none”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“All causes shall give way: I am in blood
Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o’er.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“So fair and foul a day I have not seen.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“The love that follows us sometime is our trouble, which still we thank as love.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“I have no spur
To prick the sides of my intent, but only
Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself
And falls on the other.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“Your face, my thane, is as a book where men
May read strange matters. To beguile the time,
Look like the time; bear welcome in your eye,
Your hand, your tongue: look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under't.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“What, you egg?”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.”
William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
“And nothing is, but what is not.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“My dull brain was wrought with things forgotten.”
William Shakespeare

Neil Gaiman
“It was sort of like Macbeth, thought Fat Charlie, an hour later; in fact, if the witches in Macbeth had been four little old ladies and if, instead of stirring cauldrons and intoning dread incantations, they had just welcomed Macbeth in and fed him turkey and rice and peas spread out on white china plates on a red-and-white patterned plastic tablecloth -- not to mention sweet potato pudding and spice cabbage -- and encouraged him to take second helpings, and thirds, and then, when Macbeth had declaimed that nay, he was stuffed nigh unto bursting and on his oath could truly eat no more, the witches had pressed upon him their own special island rice pudding and a large slice of Mrs. Bustamonte's famous pineapple upside-down cake, it would have been exactly like Macbeth.”
Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys

William Shakespeare
“Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d.
Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined.
Harpier cries ’Tis time, ’tis time.

Round about the cauldron go;
In the poison’d entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,
Witches’ mummy, maw and gulf
Of the ravin’d salt-sea shark,
Root of hemlock digg’d i’ the dark,
Liver of blaspheming Jew,
Gall of goat, and slips of yew
Silver’d in the moon’s eclipse,
Nose of Turk and Tartar’s lips,
Finger of birth-strangled babe
Ditch-deliver’d by a drab,
Make the gruel thick and slab:
Add thereto a tiger’s chaudron,
For the ingredients of our cauldron.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.”
William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
“Ring the alarum-bell! Blow, wind! come, wrack!
At least we'll die with harness on our back.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“Infected minds to their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“Those he commands move only in command,
Nothing in love: now does he feel his title
Hang loose about him, like a giant’s robe
Upon a dwarfish thief”
William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
“Too nice, and yet too true!”
William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
“So well thy words become thee as thy wounds,
They smack of honor both.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“What, you egg? / [He stabs him.]”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“The merciless Macdonald
(Worthy to be a rebel, — for, to that,
The multiplying villainies of nature
Do swarm upon him) from the Western Isles
Of kerns and gallowglasses is supplied;
And Fortune, on his damned quarrel smiling,
Showed like a rebel's whore: but all's too weak:
For brave Macbeth (well he deserves that name)
Disdaining Fortune, with his brandish'd steel,
Which smoked with bloody execution,
Like valour's minion,
Carv'd out his passage.”
William Shakespeare

“Not all suicides are suicides, some are murders!”
Md. Ziaul Haque

William Shakespeare
“Życie jest jedynie przelotnym cieniem;
żałosnym aktorem, co przez godzinę puszy
się i miota na scenie, po czym znika;
opowieścią idioty, pełną wrzasku i wściekłości,
a nie znaczącą nic.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“New honors come upon him,
Like our strange garments, cleave not to their mold
But with the aid of use.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“Is this a dagger I see before me, the handle towards my hand”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

“MacBeth and Me

Down below the twisted step,
The tavern awaits night's Dark guests.
Fires aglow hiss the emb'rous red,
And Hell waits upon her most prized dead.

A charmed man of thirty or so,
Ambition's son who vaults so low.
Tarries he now at table's dread, and drinks
The draught of one Soul condemned.

Lingers he so, o'er beef and wassail,
Choicest portions of desires assailed.
Presses he down lusts murd'rous and hard,
A driving rain of the blackest of hearts.

'Prince of Cumberland,' he had to traverse,
Or fall asunder, star-crossed to his curse.
Sees shadows now and smiles slight at me,
Knows he a kindred, in like debauchery.

Eyes my spirit through cracked mirror.
Banquo saw too and was butchered in Fear.
The Lady also, unsexed, it seemed
(Tended she cravings 'cided that King).

Aye, locked below under tomorrow's step,
He lies awaiting in damned inquest.
Mortals what I am and to what I agree,
Bids me to his table, Macbeth and me.

--Poems on the Run, vol. I”
Douglas Laurent

William Shakespeare
“I will not be afraid of death and bane
Till Birnam Forest come to Dunsinane.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

“If anyone [like Lady Macbeth] kills himself/herself because of sins or inner guilts, it is suicide but if anyone [like Othello] kills himself/herself because of others’ injustice to him/her [victim of nepotism, conspiracy, jealousy, corruption, etc.], familial or social pressures and so on, then it is ‘murder’!”
Md. Ziaul Haque

Rainbow Rowell
“You're going to forget everything I teach you,' Mr Stressman said, petting his mustache. 'Everything. Maybe you'll remember that Beowulf fought a monster. Maybe you'll remember that "To be or not to be" is Hamlet, not Macbeth... But everything else? Forget about it.”
Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

William Shakespeare
“Fatica che ci aggrada non dà pena.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare
“Io comincio a sentirmi stanco morto del sole,
Vorrei che l'universo andasse in pezzi.
Fate suonare l'allarme! Soffia, vento, e tu vieni, distruzione,
Almeno moriremo con l'armatura indosso.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

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