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Leslie Nielsen
“Who are you and how did you get in here?" "I'm a locksmith. And, I'm a locksmith.”
Leslie Nielsen

Kamand Kojouri
“Believe me when I say:
'Out of all those around,
she’s the best locksmith in town.'
Her stethoscope ears
know when the dials of your heart
click into place.
She’s been cutting keys for years.
You don’t stand a chance
with that flimsy case.
Alas, no matter how
you lock your heart—
bolt, fixture, and
she’s got nimble fingers
that pick locks for
Padlocks and deadbolts
are all in vain.
Why do you even bother
with that chain?
She’s way too smart.
Along with ours, she’ll have
your heart.
And you will see
that the best locksmith in town
is she.”
Kamand Kojouri

Lewis Black
“If you really think there's a Santa, why don't you sit on the front steps all night in the freezing cold and see if he climbs down any chimneys tonight. Good luck. And since we're a family that isn't lucky enough to have a chimney, how would Santa get into our house? Does he bring a locksmith with him? And it probably would have to be a Jewish locksmith, because a Christian locksmith is going to want to be home with his family. And how many Jewish locksmiths are there? None.”
Lewis Black, I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas

Mehmet Murat ildan
“For all the doors locked, love is the best locksmith!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Lisa Kleypas
“Thank you for the improvements you made... the lock and hinges... and the lion's-head knocker. I like it very much."
Ethan's voice was soft. "Did you like the violets?"
She hesitated before shaking her head.
"No?" he asked, more softly still. "Why not?"
"They reminded me that I might never see you again."
"After tonight, you probably won't."
"You say that every time we meet. However, you keep popping up like a jack-in-the-box, which has made me increasingly skeptical." Garrett paused before adding in an abashed tone, "And hopeful."
His gaze caressed her face. "Garrett Gibson... as long as I'm on this earth, I'll want to be wherever you are."
She couldn't help smiling ruefully. "You're the only one who does. I've been in a foul mood for the past two weeks. I've offended nearly everyone I know, and frightened off one or two of my patients."
His voice was dark velvet. "You needed me there to sweeten your temper."
Garrett couldn't bring herself to look at him as she admitted huskily, "Yes.”
Lisa Kleypas, Hello Stranger

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