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Lauren Oliver
“He is my world and my world is him and without him there is no world.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Lauren Oliver
“This is the strange way of the world, that people who simply want to love are instead forced to become warriors.”
Lauren Oliver, Requiem

Lauren Oliver
“I'd rather die on my own terms than live on theirs. I'd rather die loving Alex than live without him.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Lauren Oliver
“Are you sure that being like everybody else will make you happy?"
"I don't know any other way."
"Let me show you."
And then we're kissing. Or at least, I think we're kissing—I've only seen it done a couple of times, quick closed-mouth pecks at weddings or on formal occasions. But this isn't like anything I've ever seen, or imagined, or even dreamed: this is like music or dancing but better than both.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Kami Garcia
“I was lost before I found her in my dreams, and she found me that day in the rain. I knew it seemed like I was always the one trying to save Lena, but the truth was she had saved me, and I wasn't ready for her to stop now.”
Kami Garcia

Lauren Oliver
“Alex loved books. He was the one who first introduced me to poetry. That's another reason I can't read anymore.”
Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

Kami Garcia
What is JUST in a world
you've ripped in two
as if there could be
a half for me
a half for you
what is FAIR when
there is nothing
left to share
what is YOURS when
your pain is mine to bear
this sad math is mine
this mad path is mine
subtract they say
don't cry
back to the desk
forget addition
and i reply
this is why
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Chaos

Lauren Oliver
“This is what I want. This is the only thing I've ever wanted. Everything else—every single second of every single day that has come before this very moment, this kiss—has meant nothing.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

“I love you, I'll never stop.”
Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Kami Garcia
Ethan, I love you. Don’t leave me. I can’t do this without you.
If there was moonlight, I could have seen his face. But there was no moon, not now, and the only light came from the fire, still frozen, surrounding me on every side. The sky was empty, absolutely black. There was nothing. I had lost everything tonight.
I sobbed until I couldn’t breathe and my fingers slipped through his, knowing I would never feel those fingers in my hair again.

Kami Garcia, Beautiful Creatures

Kami Garcia
“no light no dark no you no me
know light know dark know you know me”
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Chaos

Kami Garcia
“I needed to touch her, like I needed to breathe.”
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Chaos

Kami Garcia
“Ethan: I love you, I whispered in her ear.
She held my face in her hands and leaned back so she could look at me.
Lena: I don't think I could ever love anything the way I love you.”
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Chaos

Lauren Oliver
“What does it feel like to be infected?"
"I-- I can't describe it." I force the words out. Can't breathe, can't breathe, can't breathe. His skin smells like smoke from a wood fire, like soap, like heaven. I imagine tasting his skin; I imagine biting his lips.
"I want to know." His words are a whisper, barely audible. "I want to know with you.”
Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

“Their friendship was only one aspect of their lives but it seemed to give meaning to all the others.”
Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting
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Lauren Oliver
“They haven't killed us yet," I say, and I imagine that one day I will fly a plane over Portland, over Rochester, over every fenced-in city in the whole country, and I will bomb and bomb and bomb, and watch all their buildings smoldering to dust, and all those people melting and bleeding into flame, and I will see how they like it.

If you take, we will take back. Steal from us, and we will rob you blind. When you squeeze, we will hit.

This is the way the world is made now.”
Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

Kami Garcia
“I saw his face change.
His eyes widen.
He lunged at me.
I wouldn't let go.
We stared into eachother's eyes and clawed at eachother's throats.
As we rolled over the edge of the water tower and fell
thing ...Lena”
Kami Garcia

Lauren Oliver
“I know the rules. I've been living here longer than you have."
He cracks a smile then. He nudges me back. "Hardly."
"Born and raised. You're a transplant." I nudge him again, a little harder, and he laughs and tries to catch hold of my arm. I squirm away, giggling, and he stretches out to tickle my stomach. "Country bumpkin!" I squeal, as he grabs out and wrestles me back onto the blanket, laughing.
"City slicker," he says, rolling over on top of me, and then kisses me. Everything dissolves: heat, explosions of color, floating.”
Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver
“His eyes are blazing with light, more light than all the lights in every city in the whole world, more light than we could ever invent if we had ten thousand billion years.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

“She loved her mother and depended on her mother, and yet every single word her mother said annoyed her.”
Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting
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Lauren Oliver
“Nothing has ever been so painful or delicious as being so close to him and being unable to do anything about it: like eating ice cream so fast on a hot day you get a splitting headache.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Lauren Oliver
“The idea—the fact of it, the fact that he even noticed and thought about me for more than one second—is huge and overwhelming, makes my legs go tingly and my hands feel numb.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Lauren Oliver
“For a second we just stand there in silence. Then, suddenly, Alex is back,
easy and smiling again. “I left a note for you one time. In the Governor’s fist, you
I left a note for you one time. It’s impossible, too crazy to think about, and I
hear myself repeating, “You left a note for me?”
“I’m pretty sure it said something stupid. Just hi, and a smiley face, and my
name. But then you stopped coming.” He shrugs. “It’s probably still there. The
note, I mean. Probably just a bit of paper pulp by now.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium
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Lauren Oliver
“No one can tell us no. No one can make us stop. We have picked each other, and the rest of the world can go to hell.”
Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

“Lena always described how she dreaded and mourned things before they even happened. Carmen was beginning to suspect that she was permitting herself to mourn this long separation only now that it was over.”
Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting

Haley Tanner
“Lena's real mom, Emily, knew that this was not the truth, but she also knew that Vaclav was not lying.
Vaclav knew that he was telling the truth.
Lena knew that it was a lie, but she loved it and believed it, like a fairy tale, like a song, like a bedtime story, like a magic trick.
She loved Vaclav until it became the truth and so it was.”
Haley Tanner, Vaclav and Lena

Haley Tanner
“Vaclav has said goodnight to Lena every night since the night she went away. Out loud. In a whisper. [...] He filled the words with all his love and care and worry for Lena and launched them out to her, and like homing pigeons, he trusted them to find her.”
Haley Tanner, Vaclav & Lena

Kylie Scott
“Yeah, you’re right. I’m a real misunderstood sweetheart.”
Kylie Scott, Lead

Lena Andersson
“Varje gång hon kommenterade något blev det stumt. Hugo följde aldrig upp det Ester sa. Ester följde alltid upp det Hugo sa. Ingen av dem var riktigt intresserad av henne men båda var intresserade av honom.”
Lena Andersson, Egenmäktigt förfarande

“Lena walked into the dining room with a plate of pancakes for both Knox and Bea. "Work for this family for fifty years, you'd think they'd have the decency to tell me when they got married. I'm only giving you breakfast so I can make sure you have enough strength to make babies."

"Good morning, Lena. Thank you for breakfast," he said, knowing she was only half kidding.

"Lots of babies," Lena repeated. "And soon.”
Tara Thomas, Deadly Secret

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