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“Even in the far future,
never forget the you of right now
Wherever you are right now,
you’re just taking a break”

“To you who eat a lot of rice because you’re lonely,
To you who sleep a lot because you’re bored,
To you who cry a lot because you are sad, I write this down.

Chew on your feelings that are cornerned like you would chew on rice.
Anyway, life is something that you need to digest.”
Chun Yang Hee

Young-Ha Kim
“Novels are food for the leftover hours of life, the in-between times, the moments of waiting.”
Young-ha Kim, I Have the Right to Destroy Myself

Young-Ha Kim
“Why does nothing change, even when you set out for a faraway place?”
Young-Ha Kim, I Have the Right to Destroy Myself

An Na
“Your life can be different, Young Ju. Study and be strong. In America, women have choices.”
An Na, A Step from Heaven

“I'm going to go where my heart takes me, even if it's a messy road.”
Ha Myung-hee (writer), said by Dr. Jung YoonDo, Doctors (닥터스)

“Nationality isn’t much more than a lease to an apartment, ” I said. “If you don’t like the apartment anymore, you break the lease and get out.”
Kazuki Kaneshiro, Go

“When someone recommends a book to you, you know two things; that it is a good book and you have a good friend.

If you listen to everybody, you will be nobody.

Judge a man by what he tried, not by what he accomplished.

People hate what they know but fear what they don't.

A curious mind is never bored.

Parents, teachers, and politicians should not be judged by their popularity.

People believe in everything except the reality.”
Min Kim

Abhijit Naskar
“최고의 파트너를 찾지 말고, 당신을 더 나은 버전으로 만드는 사람을 찾으십시오.”
Abhijit Naskar, Wise Mating: A Treatise on Monogamy

“But,” began the Zainichi North Korean man, “even if we know all that stuff, isn’t it pointless if the people discriminating against you don’t?”

“What matters is that we know,” I said. “Those ignorant haters who discriminate based on nationality and ethnicity are pathetic. We need to educate ourselves and make ourselves stronger and forgive them. Not that I’m anywhere near that yet.”
Kazuki Kaneshiro, Go

Yongsoo  Park
“There may be a lot of kids in this world, but the stupid ones are always stupid in the same way.”
Yongsoo Park, Las Cucarachas

Won-pyung Sohn
“I shall love thee. Even if I can never know whether my love would be a sin or poison or honey, I shall not stop this journey of loving thee. (Page 56)”
Won-pyung Sohn

Zita Steele
“He attained the highest mastery of Korean martial arts—he could hurl himself through the air and crack cement blocks with his bare hands. In knife-fighting drills, he developed a thousand different reflexes to disarm and stab people. He learned to shoot all manner of firearms…Justin Moon had become the ideal South Korean soldier—with stony strength, quickness, and above all, endurance.”
Zita Steele, Edge of Suspicion

Elizabeth Kim
“For years, well into my adult life, I had recurring nightmares about that desk. I'd be walking past it, barefoot on a cold, hard floor. I'd hear a sound like wind rushing through a tunnel and feel a magnetic force sucking me inside. I'd be pulled, helpless, underneath the scarred roll-top and into the cubbyholes where the papers were stashed. I'd find myself in a room with a dirt floor, strapped to a table, and people would be standing around branding ugly names on my body with hot irons”
Elizabeth Kim, Ten Thousand Sorrows : The Extraordinary Journey of a Korean War Orphan

Abhijit Naskar
“인간이된다는 것은 올바른 종교입니다.”
Abhijit Naskar

“Her death was every bit as quiet and understated as she herself had been”
Han Kang, Human Acts

Hwang Sok-yong
“Las gentes son iguales en todo el mundo: todas carecen de algo, todas caen enfermas, todas actúan con necedad, y todas sucumben a la ambición.”
Hwang Sok-yong, Princess Bari

Min Jin Lee
“...he wanted to spare her the cruelty of what he had learned, because she would not believe that she was no different than her parents, that seeing him as only Korean - good or bad - was the same as seeing him only as a bad Korean. She could not see his humanity, and Noa realized that this was what he wanted most of all: to be seen as human.”
Min Jin Lee, Pachinko
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“Sorry. Thanks. Truly.”
Son Won-Pyeong

“You're nice. And you're normal. But you're also special. That's how I understand you.”
Son Won-Pyeong

“How can betrayal be a sin? In these turbulent times believing someone is a bigger crime.”
Six Flying Dragons

“I’m asking the world, in deciding life and death — Is there any difference between politics and swords?”
Jung Do Jeon, Six Flying Dragons (2015)

“Of course I’d step on the weak. Would I step on the strong? Of course I would take from the weak— would I take from the strong? In this world, the weak are always trampled by the strong. Both in the past millennium and the millennium to come, the strong will take from the weak. The only truth in this world is that the strong will take possession of the weak! The strong... will stomp all over and take from the weak! This is the truth that will never change!”
Gil Taemi, Six Flying Dragons (2015)

“If I have to kneel, I’ll kneel. But I can get up again. If I keep getting up myself, a day will come when I wouldn’t have to kneel down anymore.”
Kim Tan, The Heirs

Kim Manjung
“Every evening, they enjoyed the moonlit streams, and in the day they explored the valleys, searching for plum blossoms. When they happened upon a sheer cliff face they would compose poems and play the lute in the shade of the pine trees.”
Kim Manjung, The Nine Cloud Dream

Kim Manjung
“Look north, he said, In the middle of that vast plain is a single lonely peak. In the light of the setting sun you can just make out the ruins of A-fang-kung, the palace of the great Ch'in Shih-huang, among the weeds and the high grass.
Look west. The wind is rustling the woods where the gray mountain mist hides Mou-ling, the tomb of Emperor Han Wu-ti.
In the east you can see the white wall reflecting the green hills where a red rooftop pierces the sky and the pale moon comes and goes. No one leans on the on the jade balustrades at Huang-ch'ing-kung where Emperor Hsuan Tsung frolicked with his ill-fated concubine Yang Kue-fei.
Those three emperors were for ten millennia the heroes of our history. Where are they now?
[Fenkl translation]”
Kim Manjung, The Nine Cloud Dream

Min Jin Lee
“They do not hire Koreans or Chinese, but that will not matter to you since you are Japanese.” Bingo nodded several times.
“Soo desu,” Noa agreed. (Lee 334)”
Min Jin Lee, Pachinko

Min Jin Lee
“They do not hire Koreans or Chinese, but that will not matter to you since you are Japanese.' Bingo nodded several times.
'Soo desu,' Noa agreed (Lee 334).”
Min Jin Lee, Pachinko

Won-pyung Sohn
“We have to be tougher in this tough world.”
Won-pyung Sohn, Almond

Arushi Raj
“I think beyond the superficial accolades, at its core, fans stream and buy albums and merchs, because they want to show that they acknowledge the hard work of the artists and their staff. The stream count, album sales and awards are tangible proof that the idols’ music is good. That they are popular. That they are better.”
Arushi Raj, Understand K-pop: Deconstructing the Obsession and Toxicity in K-pop Stan Culture

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