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Emlyn Chand
“You are not too small. No one is ever too small to offer help.”
Emlyn Chand, Honey the Hero

Emlyn Chand
“Wait," Honey said to herself, as she realized something amazing. "I’m already an excellent flyer. Maybe I can fight crime too.”
Emlyn Chand, Honey the Hero

Emlyn Chand
“Hey, ants!" she shouted. "Please help. Anteater is very hungry, but cannot find any food.”
Emlyn Chand, Honey the Hero

J.M. Lavallee
“You know, Dorothy, you can’t let people bring you down so easily or you’ll have your nose in the dirt for the rest of your life. From what I make of it, for every person with a good thought, there are about fifty who’d try to spoil it. We have to guard our good ideas, our happy thoughts, and fight for them. Because if we let those others snuff them out, well, we didn’t after all deserve them.”
J.M. Lavallee, The Wishing Stone and Other Myths Learned on Gull Cliff Island

Brenda Lochinger
“I struggle to listen, to sit, and to study-
I would rather play and create art with my brushes and putty.

I wish I could focus on things that I know-
Like cars, Mars, and playing with dough.”
Brenda Lochinger, I'm Squirrely!

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