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Jaye Frances
“All cats are gray in the dark. And besides, her actions have less to do with her, and everything to do with you.”
Jaye Frances, The Kure

Jaye Frances
“Ah yes, now you’re beginning to feel it. It’s so satisfying to see my best efforts coming to fruition. Undoubtedly one of the most gratifying rewards of my profession. It would warm my heart—if I had one.”
Jaye Frances, The Beach

Jaye Frances
“Oh, I don’t mean to infer that you’re not a great guy. I’m sure you’re the exception to the rule.”
Jaye Frances, The Cruise - All That Glitters

Jaye Frances
“Even in hell, there are rules.”
Jaye Frances, Reunion

Jaye Frances
“We're all captives, in one way or another . . .”
Jaye Frances, Betrayed

Jaye Frances
“They would take your soul, if they could . . .”
Jaye Frances, Redemption