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Erik Pevernagie
“We might not be able to know what reality is about, but we can’t but be aware of the explicitness of facts. To get a better grip on the intricate nature of the truth and its ambiguity, we have got to scrutinize facts and find out about their codes. But, yet, we can’t ignore that reality is a very intriguing place, since facts may be construed, receive variant contexts and create alternate outcomes, which, in turn, might spark new realities, over again. ("Imbroglio" )”
Erik Pevernagie

Erik Pevernagie
“Nebulous words covering a broad spectrum of intriguing
maneuverings allow lobbyists to impersonate innocuous "strategic analysts" and masquerade as benefactors of the people. Therefore, foresight and clarity must always be our brothers-at-arms. ("Finally things had lost their weightiness")”
Erik Pevernagie

Maureen Johnson
“This pool is a triumph of imagination. That's how you win at life, Gin. You have to imagine your way through. Never say something can't be done. There's always a solution, even if it's weird.”
Maureen Johnson, The Last Little Blue Envelope

John Payton Foden
“Then Drago began the deliberate, precise, business-like process of killing.  A knee-buckling burst of fire and flash laid waste to men and material within seconds.  A Panhard vehicle to Silva’s left simply disappeared in an explosion that spraying metal parts willy-nilly in every direction in a spread so thorough that Drago thought they were under fire, and he yelled at his men to respond.  Another blast destroyed a six-wheeled reconnaissance vehicle, but it didn’t break it apart; it simply expanded as if swollen or bloated, like an air mattress or inflatable toy, though it still had weight and quickly collapsed over its own suspension.  Some trucks were overturned; a Jeep flipped end-over-end.  None were left unscathed.  In short order, what had been ten or twelve vehicles were reduced to a single steaming and smoking pile of metal.”
John Payton Foden, Magenta

John Payton Foden
“There was a story out there, in a scary place, and she had to bear witness.”
John Payton Foden, Magenta

Gilda Radner
“The more I protested about this ambiguity, the more Joanna pointed out to me that it was both a terrible and wonderful part of life: terrible because you can't count on anything for sure—like certain good health and no possibility of cancer; wonderful because no human being knows when another is going to die—no doctor can absolutely predict the outcome of a disease. The only thing that is certain is change. Joanna calls all of this 'delicious ambiguity.' 'Couldn't there be comfort and freedom in no one knowing the outcome of anything and all things being possible?' she asked. Was I convinced? Not completely. I still wanted to believe in magic thinking. But I was intrigued.”
Gilda Radner, It's Always Something

Jodi Picoult
“The joke's on them. One little hypodermic wont' be enough. Split a piece of wood, and they'll find me. Lift up a stone, and they'll find me. Look in the mirror, and they'll find me...If you really want to know what makes someone a killer, ask yourself what would make you do it.”
Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart

Shannon Messenger
“The star only rises at Nightfall...”
Shannon Messenger, Lodestar

Amanda Howells
“In those moments it's hard to remember that an angry voice is an invisible thing incapable of drawing blood.”
Amanda Howells, The Summer of Skinny Dipping

Munia Khan
“The intriguing placidity from the slothful pace of a snail is truly very peaceful. Our world is in need of this calmness to pacify itself”
Munia Khan

Elizabeth Kostova
“To you, perceptive reader, I bequeath my history.”
Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian

“A new man is like a new toy. Fresh and interesting. Almost intriguing. It's like when you get a new car. Everything is different. The smell, the sound of the horn and seats, and it even ride good for a while. That's what a man is like to me.”
Jeanette Michelle, Mycall

Debasish Mridha
“The creator created women to control those wild, uncontrollable, intriguing men.”
Debasish Mridha M.D.

Donna Lynn Hope
“There is enchantment in seeing a beautiful portrait every now and then rather than an overabundance of the overexposed; I wanted the figure before me to remain a magnificent mystery, like any alluring woman is as the rarity of a thing is what makes it valuable, even an enigma, and when something or someone is that, they become captivating.”
Donna Lynn Hope

Cleo Collins
“And to this day, no one knew that--even though he was gone--I still loved him with all my heart.”
Cleo Collins, Song of the Traitor

Grace Willows
“. She was beautiful, and her temperament seemed much better than his first wife did. Arman stopped in the middle of the Windsor knot on his tie. Who was he trying to kid, he thought. An enraged rabid pit bull in heat would have had a better temperament then his first wife.”
Grace Willows

“The person in the ski mask, gloves, and all-dark clothing hunched forward to bring his truck engine to life. His lookout a mile north had signaled the target car was on the way. Nobody could have spotted him in the hide spot near the highway. He’d been there throughout the darkness of the night. Since the sun began its climb, he’d been enshrouded in the smoke. And with all the hissing and booming the fire was causing, what he was about to do wouldn’t be heard, either. Conditions couldn’t have been staged any better.”
John M Vermillion, Packfire

Karen Foxlee
“It was only a little piece of knowledge but it felt as shiny and solid as a new twenty-cent piece in my hand to know i could find the thing that was wrong.”
Karen Foxlee, The Anatomy of Wings

Katie Douglas
“Just as some books are so beautiful and intriguing that you never want to put them down, forever eager of what lies beyond the scope of a single page, so you never cease to intrigue me, leaving me in constant yearning of all that resides within you.”
Katie Douglas

Philippa Gregory
“Dželat mi prilazi i kaže: "Spustite glavu na panj i raširite ruke kad budete spremni, gospo."
Poslušno spuštam ruke na panj i nespretno kleknem na travu. Osećam njen miris pod kolenima. Osećam bol u leđima i čujem krik galebova i nečiji plač. A onda odjednom, baš kad se spremim da spustim čelo na hrapavu površinu panja i raširim ruke da dam znak krvniku da može da udari, odjednom me preplavljuje talas radosti i žudnje za životom, i kažem: "Ne."
Prekasno je, dželat je već zamahnuo sekirom iznad glave, vež je spušta, ali ja kažem: "Ne" i ustajem, pridržavajući se za panj da se osovim na noge.
Osetim strahovit udarac na potiljku, ali gotovo nikakav bol. Silina udarca obara me na zemlju i ja ponavljam "Ne", i odjednom me obuzima buntovnički zanos. Ne pristajem na volju ludaka Henrija Tjudora, ne spuštam krotko glavu na panj i nikada to neću uraditi. Boriću se za svoj život i vičem "Ne!", pokušavajući da ustanem i "Ne", kad osetim novi udarac, "Ne" dok pužem po travi, a krv mi lipti iz rane na vratu i glavi i zaslepljuje me, ali ne guši moju radost u borbi za život iako mi on izmiče, i svedočenju, do poslednje g časa, o zlu koje Henri Tjudor nanosi meni i mojima. "Ne!", vičem. "Ne! Ne! Ne”
Philippa Gregory, The King's Curse

“In the eyes of many, there is only one.”
Adrienne Posey

I.O. Scheffer
“Though she got a warm, sentimental feeling from Telemachus' thoughtfulness, she preferred to be practical when dealing with personal safety. After all, she didn't know what risks she could take. When she took risks last semester, five people died.”
I.O. Scheffer, Fearghus Academy: Crystal Shards

James Frazee
“But there is something else that I found in these documents that is far worse than the mosquito bites.”
James Frazee, The Mosquito Bites

Aspen Matis
“Shaking my head, I grinned in my defiance, and the room and the whole world became soft and buzzing, lights dangerously unfocused. Our shadows intermingled, a Chagall on the pale wood floor. My thoughts sudden and intriguing, like a rainbow you see for only a second—”
Aspen Matis, Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir

Veronica Rossi
“Women were held to modesty as men were held to honor.”
Veronica Rossi, Rebel Spy

Cleo Collins
“I'd always known that Anika was something different.”
Cleo Collins, Song of the Traitor

Shannon Hale
“We tend to think of life as linear. As if each moment, each year, has to be better than the last, and if it's not, we failed.So be patient with yourself, Josie. Don't judge yourself by any one moment. Allow yourself room to change”
Shannon Hale, Kind of a Big Deal

Colleen Hoover
“It's the beautiful moments that make up for the ugly love.”
Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

Renée Ahdieh
“[He is] studied. Purposeful. A boy who enjoyed playing a game for the sole purpose of getting caught.”
Renée Ahdieh, Smoke in the Sun

Glenn Searfoss
“I ask for your pardon. Even now, I hesitate to put pen to paper. During my years chronicling the many amazing adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I have never doubted their veracity. But this time, were it not for the results of my own feeble efforts at detection, I would wholly attribute the events described as phantasms of a fevered dream suffered by Holmes or one of his more elaborate jests. Flipping through my notes from that day leaves me perplexed. Was any of it real? That is for you, the reader, to decide. You see, it was raining that night…”
Glenn Searfoss, Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time

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