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Richard Paul Evans
“If you passed me walking home from school, you probably wouldn't even notice me. That's because I'm just a kid like you.
I go to school like you. I get bullied like you. Unlike you, I live in Idaho.
Don't ask me what state Idaho is in––news flash––Idaho IS a state.

~Michael Vey”
Richard Paul Evans, The Prisoner of Cell 25
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Emily Ruskovich
“sibling laughter–he can hear it– not the laughter of school friends or neighbors or cousins. Something secret in that laughter, private, edged with meanness and devotion”
Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

Norman Maclean
“Ahead and to the west was our ranger station - and the mountains of Idaho, poems of geology stretching beyond any boundaries and seemingly even beyond the world.”
Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through it and Other Stories

Bob Hicok
“I like the idea of different

theres and elsewheres, an Idaho known for bluegrass,
a Bronx where people talk
like violets smell. Perhaps I am somewhere patient, somehow
kind, perhaps in the nook

of a cousin universe I've never defiled or betrayed
bob hicok

“Do we allow unlimited visitation, or do we restrict numbers to protect a delicate ecosystem? Do we heavily advertise the park, enticing paying visitors, generating needed money for Idaho's park department, or do we sacrifice financial benefits to better preserve natural ones? Do we log diseased trees, interfering with nature, or do we allow trees to rot and fall, possibly endangering lives? Do we inexpensively repair historic structures, or do we meticulously restore them? Do we maintain this park as closely as possible to the condition in which Idaho received it, or do we develop it for multiple uses; allow overnight visitors; permit all-terrain vehicles; provide paths for those unable to navigate unpaved trails?”
Mary E. Reed, Harriman: From Railroad Ranch to State Park

Beck Anderson
“And this, my friends, is how love f*cks up your life.”
Beck Anderson, Use Somebody

Beck Anderson
“I was just wondering how long we were going to pretend like we annoyed each other before we started sleeping together.”
Beck Anderson, Use Somebody

Emily Ruskovich
“Take you picture off the wall
And carry it away
Dye your hair the shades of fall
Don't let time turn it to gray

Don't think of me, I'll be all right
Seems I've always done okay
Just give me one more kiss good night
For the last time, turn away”
Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

Bill Bryson
“The youth of Idaho falls should be encouraged to take drugs in order to cope up with the fact that there is plutonium in their drinking water.”
Bill Bryson, The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America

Emily Ruskovich
“There was a coldness in his unwavering ease, his constant and impersonal joy.”
Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

Emily Ruskovich
“He sings so softly. Almost a whisper. Not like her father at all. Like the voices they give to the dolls, the men.”
Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

Emily Ruskovich
“She feels in fact that Wade's death is the very end of her heart. It is strange to arrive here at the end after all this time, and also strange to realize she hasn't been here before.”
Emily Ruskovich, Idaho

Emily Ruskovich
“Take your picture off the wall
So I won't have to see your eyes
And maybe soon I won't recall
The painful things that once were nice”
Emily Ruskovich