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Matthew Gregory Lewis
“Man was born for society. However little He may be attached to the World, He never can wholly forget it, or bear to be wholly forgotten by it. Disgusted at the guilt or absurdity of Mankind, the Misanthrope flies from it: He resolves to become an Hermit, and buries himself in the Cavern of some gloomy Rock. While Hate inflames his bosom, possibly He may feel contented with his situation: But when his passions begin to cool; when Time has mellowed his sorrows, and healed those wounds which He bore with him to his solitude, think you that Content becomes his Companion? Ah! no, Rosario. No longer sustained by the violence of his passions, He feels all the monotony of his way of living, and his heart becomes the prey of Ennui and weariness. He looks round, and finds himself alone in the Universe: The love of society revives in his bosom, and He pants to return to that world which He has abandoned. Nature loses all her charms in his eyes: No one is near him to point out her beauties, or share in his admiration of her excellence and variety. Propped upon the fragment of some Rock, He gazes upon the tumbling waterfall with a vacant eye, He views without emotion the glory of the setting Sun. Slowly He returns to his Cell at Evening, for no one there is anxious for his arrival; He has no comfort in his solitary unsavoury meal: He throws himself upon his couch of Moss despondent and dissatisfied, and wakes only to pass a day as joyless, as monotonous as the former.”
Matthew Gregory Lewis, The Monk

“A hermit is simply a person to whom civilization has failed to adjust itself.”
Will Cuppy

Criss Jami
“If I were to envy any persons on this planet, it would be mountain hermits. You often hear old platitudes such as, 'Speak out. Be heard.' On the contrary, a breath of fresh air would be something like: 'Silence, think for at least 15 minutes, and then maybe speak out.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Criss Jami
“Of all individuals, the hated, the shunned, and the peculiar are arguably most themselves. They wear no masks whatsoever in order to be accepted and liked; they do seem most guarded, but only by their own hands: as compared to the populace, they are naked.”
Criss Jami, Healology

Stephen Fry
“Progress isn't achieved by preachers or guardians of morality, but by madmen, hermits, heretics, dreamers, rebels and sceptics”
Stephen Fry

“In the midst of a thousand clouds and countless waters
there is an idle person.
By day, he roams the green mountains,
at night, he returns to sleep beneath the cliff.
Quickly, the seasons pass
in serenity, with no worldly bonds.
How joyful! What does he depend upon?
Quiet, like a large autumn river.”
Peter Levitt, The Complete Cold Mountain: Poems of the Legendary Hermit Hanshan

Cormac McCarthy
“Live by yourself and you bound to talk yourself and when ye commence that folks start it up that you're light in the head. But I reckon it's all right to talk to a dog since most folks do even if a dog don't understand and cain't answer if he did.”
Cormac McCarthy, Outer Dark

Shūichi Yoshida
“Kazuko was worried about him, calling him a hikikomori, a self-imposed shut-in.”
Shuichi Yoshida, Villain

Terry Pratchett
“I've been following the noble profession of hermiting here for nigh on fifty-seven years, practising piety, sobriety, celibacy and the pursuit of true wisdom in the tradition of my father and grandfather and great-grandfather before me.”
terry pratchett

Sylvain Tesson
“Ideologies, like dogs, remain just outside the hermits door.”
Sylvain Tesson, Dans les forêts de Sibérie

Sylvain Tesson
“The hermit, without access to the news of the day, owes it to himself to be up to date on the doings of ancient Rome.”
Sylvain Tesson, Dans les forêts de Sibérie

Anthony Marais
“The hermit is he who needs a friend, and in the absence of a community has befriended himself.”
Anthony Marais

“Beneath the moon, chilly winds blow through the pines
as wisps of clouds arise.
So many mountain ridges layer into each other
for miles around!
The valley stream is quiet and clear --
I'm not done with this boundless joy.”
Peter Levitt, The Complete Cold Mountain: Poems of the Legendary Hermit Hanshan

Steven Magee
“2020 was the year of hermits.”
Steven Magee

“. . . I am in my hermitage perhaps 70 to 80 percent of the time. I relish and enjoy time with others. I have been called "the sociable hermit." Ironically, lengthy solitude often invokes a verbal avalanche when I find myself with a dear and treasured friend, or at a rare social occasion. . . . Solitaries, I suppose, are not always introverts.”
Barbara Erakko Taylor, Silent Dwellers: Embracing the Solitary Life

“For the modern solitary, the quest for silence has vastly broader boundaries than what one's predecessors faced. Solitude is real only when it is relative to the world in which it is lived. It is unreal if attempted in fantasy--as though telephones and fax machines, the Internet and E-mail did not exist. (36)”
Barbara Erakko Taylor, Silent Dwellers: Embracing the Solitary Life

“...the hermits one comes across nowadays are not like those in the deserts of Egypt who dressed in palm-fronds and lived on the roots of the earth. Let it not be supposed, however, that because I speak well of the hermits of old I would not speak well of modern ones; I merely say that the penance of today's hermits does not approach the strictness and austerity of the lives of their earlier counterparts, but that does not prevent them from being good men, all of them--at least I consider them to be good; and even when the waters do run muddy, the hypocrite who pretends to be virtuous does less harm than the flagrant sinner.”
Cervantes Saavedra Miguel de, Don Quijote de la Mancha