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“Never forget that when it comes to humans, you are your best helping hand or even your only help. So this moment calls for you to stop waiting on people and start persistently helping yourself.”
Edmond Mbiaka

“You, not anyone else, are responsible for adding value to your life. If you're going to do something in you're life, if you're going to interact with others, then at least try and draw something positive out for yourself. That can be an experience, a lesson, or a practice of kindness, patience, and love. You are the one who puts value into your experiences, reflections, and interactions with others. Realizing this gives you the power, and responsibility to monitor what it is you're doing. Make your life the best it can be. Live in mindful presence.”
Akiroq Brost

“Expelling energy hoping something bad won't happen will not prevent bad things from happening. Better to use that energy for something more productive, such as making something good come to light. We have to accept that no matter how much we isolate ourselves and try to protect ourselves, we simply cannot control everything. Bad things do and will happen. It's what we do when they happen that matters. It's what we do in between that matters. Do we seriously want to waste any precious time or energy worrying that something may or may not happen?”
Akiroq Brost