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Stephen Richards
“A broken friendship that is mended through forgiveness can be even stronger than it once was.”
Stephen Richards, Forgiveness and Love Conquers All: Healing the Emotional Self

Danielle Bernock
“Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.”
Danielle Bernock, Emerging with Wings: A True Story of Lies, Pain, and the Love That Heals

Joshua Kai
“Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.”
Joshua Kai, The Quantum Prayer: An Inspiring Guide to Love, Healing, and Creating the Best Life Possible

“White is associated with purity because the entire spectrum is functioning in unity. White is a healing color. White is appropriate for weddings because the unity of male and female symbolizes the unity of allness.”
Tae Yun Kim, The First Element: Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy

“Why do we choose sadness over happiness, when we are hurting? answer is simple, because every other emotion just feels wrong, depending upon how well you can lie to yourself and convince yourself to feel happy again. But if you want to heal your wounds, Let sadness take its course. It helps you recognize your faults and make peace with your inner self, let it take its time and when the time is right you shall feel happy again, most importantly in control and satisfied.”
Sneha Agarwal

“The damage and invisible scars of emotional abuse are very difficult to heal, because memories are imprinted on our minds and hearts and it takes time to be restored. Imprints of past traumas do not mean a person cannot change their future beliefs and behaviors. as people, we do not easily forget. However, as we heal, grieve, and let go, we become clear-minded and focused to live restore and emotionally healthy.”
Dee Brown, Breaking Passive-Aggressive Cycles

“No matter how long it takes to heal...we share the same scars...”
Daniel Yanez

H.E. Olsen
“The hardest thing to ever do is to reveal the naked soul to the world. However, in doing so brings healing, growth, strength, and powerful inspiration!”
H.E. Olsen, Discovering True Love: A true story of how I learned to love in very difficult circumstances

Valerie Ann Worwood
“...I realized that rewards are not the goal- if one seeks the ultimate it will elude you. The reward is life itself, in its richness, in its sadness, and joy.”
Valerie Ann Worwood, The Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood and Emotion

Marianne Williamson
“Spirituality isn't some quaint stepchild of an intelligent worldview, or the only option for those of us not smart enough to understand the facts of the real world. Spirituality reflects the most sophisticated mindset, and the most powerful force available for the transformation of human suffering.”
Marianne Williamson, Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment

Beverly Engel
“As you recover, you will feel more conscious of your surroundings. Freed from the ‘fog’ of your pain, fear, and confusion, you will awaken and see the world revealed as never before. You will begin to observe things, especially yourself. You will be aware of what you do and why you do it. You will begin to observe your own behavior and attitudes.”
Beverly Engel, The Right to Innocence

Lorraine Nilon
“Serenity is not the conclusion of a soul journey, it is the acceptance of being on a soul journey.”
Lorraine Nilon, Your Insight and Awareness Book: Your life is an expedition to discover the truth of yourself

Dave Rudbarg
“Healing is not healed.
Numbed is not healed.
Healing takes time.
Healing takes patience.
Healing takes love.
Healing sometimes triggers anger or sadness or sorrow or guilt or regret.
Long suppressed.
Long unaddressed
So we make up that healing is wrong,useless and to be avoided
And we head back to numbing
And look for love and connection
With the numbed and suppressed,unaddressed and repressed...
Give space for the damage
Give space for the healing
Let the healing begin and begin and begin.........”
Dave Rudbarg

Ellen Bass
“Healing was a terrifying and painful experience and my life was as full of struggle and heartache as it had always been. Several years after I started therapy, I began to feel happy. I was stunned. I hadn't realized that the point of all this work on myself was to feel good. I thought it was just one more struggle in a long line of struggles. It took a while before I got used to the idea that my life had changed, that I felt happy, that I was actually content. Learning to tolerate feeling good is one of the nicest parts of healing.”
Ellen Bass, The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

“Hysteria may come as always, infernal dreams with their black haze. Still, I shall devour the days triumphantly chasing History and its stories.”
The Raveness, Night Tide Musings

“Time heals everything. Trust it.”
Naide P Obiang

Thabiso Daniel Monkoe
“A healer is someone that triggers healing powers within you”
Thabiso Daniel Monkoe, The Azanian

Marie  Noël
“Many of the images I’ve selected for this book involve the holy angels interacting with people, such as in visions and apparitions to the saints. My purpose is to offer examples of angels as distinct and real beings which have appeared to people.”
Marie Noël, Prayers to the Holy Angels

“Forgiveness means we have chosen the path of love, compassion, and healing!”
Avijeet Das

Cheryl A. Barrett
“Time has no boundaries in matters of the heart.”
Cheryl A. Barrett

“I have overcome the pain of mind,
I have survived,
I have won,
Now I embrace the pain,
For it has made me strong.”
Luffina Lourduraj

“Emotional healing and down-regulation are not the same thing.”
Jessica Moore

Shauna L. Hoey
“Heartache purged layers of baggage I didn’t know I carried. Gifts hide under the layers of grief.”
Shauna L. Hoey

Shauna L. Hoey
“Having my defenses down felt good. I didn’t realize how much energy it took to carry my armor. My wall of protection kept bad stuff out, but it also kept good stuff from coming in. Guarding my heart is important, but not at the expense of being known by people who love me.”
Shauna L. Hoey

“There is such thing as Enough. Because you are enough. Just the way you are. Which is why there is only one you in the world. Because only you can do what only you can do. Be you.”

Drishti Bablani
“Whenever you are hurt the intensity of the pain and your reaction to it depends on your personality, the stage you are in your life journey and “which you” was hurt.
If the professional you was hurt - the hurt is relatively at a superficial level and can in fact sometimes translate to you improving yourself.
If the adult in you was hurt it goes a little deep and often has visible retaliations such as anger, revenge, fighting.
But if the child in an adult is hurt, that goes very deep, is often characterized by silence as a reaction and takes a long - long time to heal.”
Drishti Bablani

Harshada Pathare
“I need more of love from the nature to heal me than any religious discourses or spiritual practices”
Harshada Pathare

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