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Jodi Picoult
“Three months ago, if you asked me, I would have told you that if you really loved someone, you’d let them go. But now I look at you, and I dreamed about Maggie, and I see that I’ve been wrong. If you really love someone, Allie, I think you have to take them back.”
Jodi Picoult, Mercy

Jenny Han
“I laid myself fucking bare last night! I put it all out there, and you shut me down. Rightfully so. I get that I shouldn’t have said any of that stuff to you. But now here I am trying to find a way to come out of this with just a little fragment of pride so I can look you in the eye when this is all over, and you won’t even let me have that. You broke my heart last night, all right? Is that what you want to hear?”
Jenny Han, We'll Always Have Summer

Helen Fielding
“Sink into morbid, cynical reflection on how much romantic heartbreak is to do with ego and miffed pride rather than actual loss”
Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones's Diary

Patti Roberts
“I have loved and lost in so many different ways. And I have died endless deaths… So when I ask myself, the question today, who am I? My answer is…I do not know.”
Patti Roberts, Progeny of Innocence

Nichole Chase
“Often, people hurt things on accident... No one plans on hurting anyone, but it happens.”
Nichole Chase, Suddenly Royal

V.C. Andrews
“I had heard the wind from the mountains calling me last night, telling me it was my time to go, and I woke up, knowing what to do.”
V.C. Andrews, Seeds of Yesterday

V.C. Andrews
“Only I had dry eyes, a dry heart.”
V.C. Andrews, Seeds of Yesterday

Emiliano Campuzano
“Then it wasn’t about if I wanted to keep my promise or not anymore… it was about if I could.”
Emiliano Campuzano, Cielo Por Tu Luz