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Tracy Hickman
“My life for your life.' That means while we live, we share the joy of living with each other. 'My death for your life.' I would be willing to lay down my life to save yours. 'My life for your death.' I will spend my life avenging your death, if I can't prevent it. 'My death for your death.' A part of me will die when you do.”
Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

“paithin- ... he is orn! mother peytin's son, come to lead us to safety!"
zifnab- thats it! orn, favors his mother-
roland- no, he doesnt. look! hes human! wouldnt mother whats- her - name's kid be and elf- wait!
i know! he is one of the lords of thillia! come back to us, like the legend foretold!
zifnab- that too! i dont know why i didnt recognize him. the spitting image of his father!”
Margaret Weis