Friend Zone Quotes

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Kelly Moran
“She had platonic all but tattooed on her forehead.”
Kelly Moran, Tracking You

“Eventually, I spent so much time in the friend zone
that I grew to think of it as some kind
of magical home away from home, some lush forest
filled with unicorns and elves and puppies
none of whom were getting laid.”
Dylan Garity

Belle Aurora
“And when I bake for someone, I give them a little part of myself. It's like giving someone a part of my hear every time."
I look up thoughtfully and shrug.
"I don't know if I like the idea of people buying pieces of me. They are mine to give away when I feel like it. And that makes them special.”
Belle Aurora, Friend-Zoned

Abraham M. Alghanem
“I don't like relationships, though. I mean, it is nice and all, but I prefer to be the friend. I don't know why. They're kind of exhausting.”
Abraham M. Alghanem, Summer and Autumn

Victoria Aveyard
“What, Kilorn?' I sigh.

'What,' he echoes, shaking his head. After a long second, something snaps in him. 'I know you don't feel the same way I do. About us.'

I'm seized by the urge to smash my head against a rock. Us. It feels stupid to talk about, a foolish waste of time and energy. But more than that, it's embarrassing and uncomfortable. My cheeks flame red. This is not a conversation I ever wanted to have with him.”
Victoria Aveyard, Glass Sword

Sarah Weeks
“That was the moment when Alice knew for sure that she and Charlie Erdling would be friends for the rest of their lives.”
Sarah Weeks

Karin Slaughter
“Her wedding ring, her gentle brush-offs, and her outright rejection had been minor obstacles compared to the big no of another man kissing her cheek.”
Karin Slaughter, Pretty Girls