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Ian McEwan
“You can tell a lot from a person's nails. When a life starts to unravel, they're among the first to go.”
Ian McEwan, Saturday

Alysha Speer
“I was not weak; I did not cry. But it hurt me, more in a kind of refreshing, thrilling way, than a kind of pain that would cripple me and send me away crying. My fingernails dug into the palms of my hands, and my teeth bit into my lips, my knees were locked, but I could not faint.”
Alysha Speer, Sharden

James Joyce
“The artist, like the God of creation, remains within or behind or beyond or above his handiwork, invisible, refined out of existence, indifferent, paring his fingernails”
James Joyce

Rebecca Zanetti
“The door opened to reveal Janie gleefully putting the finishing touches of the bright pink polish on Max's hands.

"Nice timing," the solider said with a grimace.

Talen snorted. "You're relieved, in case you need to powder your cheeks.”
Rebecca Zanetti, Fated

Rebecca Zanetti
“It’s Okay, Mom.” The little girl grinned impishly. “Max will be pretty with pink nails.”

“Oh I brought my A-game,” the vampire snorted as he sat on the other couch.

“Bout Time,” Janie retorted”
Rebecca Zanetti, Fated

Kelly Creagh
“She’d never seen a boy with hands like that, with long, delicate fingers, beautiful but still masculine. His fingernails were long too, almost crystalline, tapered to points. They were the kind of hands you’d expect to see under lace cuffs, like Mozart or something.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Agnostic Zetetic
“There is, in fact, no safeword for chemical burns under one’s fingernails.”
Agnostic Zetetic

Jason Medina
“By dinnertime, Amanda had managed to pick off all of her red nail polish purely out of habit. She was disappointed and silently cursed at herself when she remembered not having anymore to put on. She stared at her fingernails for about twenty minutes for lack of something better to do.”
Jason Medina, No Hope for the Hopeless at Kings Park

Josef Winkler
“A gypsy girl peeled a fresh green fig with her long and filthy red-lacquered fingernails.”
Josef Winkler, Natura morta : eine römische Novelle