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Ashley Poston
“-Elle, we might not know much about each other, and I might not be there, and you might not be here, but I'm glad I share this sky with you.
-Maybe we should start looking up together, ah'blena”
Ashley Poston, Geekerella

M.A. Stacie
“Each day we stood almost shoulder to shoulder, occupying the same space, breathing the same air, but we remained strangers.”
M.A. Stacie, Unwritten Rules

Megan Hart
“He put my fingertips to his mouth and kissed them. Licked the trace of blood away. Made them clean.
Then I knew the truth I had been denying. He made me clean. Dan made me clean and shining and bright. He made me beautiful, and I did not want to lose him.”
Megan Hart, Dirty
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Beth Reekles
“I automatically leaned back, my head fitting into that spot between his neck and his shoulder. Again, the cliched romantic in me wondered how we seemed to fit so perfectly, two pieces of a jigsaw, and have such different, clashing personalities... I didn't care how bad we were for each other or that he'd be off to college soon; I just remembered that I was in love with him.”
Beth Reekles, The Kissing Booth
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Katie McGarry
“I'm just a girl on a midway, he's just a boy on a midway, and not everything has to end like a daydream.”
Katie McGarry, Say You'll Remember Me
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Megan Hart
“All I know with utter certainty is this. Dan tamed me. We need each other.
He has become unique to me in all the world.”
Megan Hart, Dirty
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“For him, she bends over backwards. It is origami of the heart. (Pour lui, elle se plie en quatre. - C'est l'origami du cœur)”
Charles de Leusse

Elle Aycart
“I just came this morning and haven't been debriefed yet about the status of our latest prisoners. As a matter of fact, I'd barely stepped inside,”
Elle Aycart, More than Meets the Ink

“He eyed: “Are we ready to fight for this love?”. She eyed so: “Maybe not for this time babe. I loved you and I still.”
Tahar Mtibaa
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Angela  McPherson
"I didn't think I could fall more in love with you, but you've proven me wrong, Tristan Wade Daniels. I love you.”
His lips curved into a wide smile. "Say it again.”
I stepped on my tiptoes and leaned in, my lips a breath away from touching his. I whispered, "I love the way my body craves more of you. I love the way your hands feel while touching me. I love the way your lips taste…”

My eyes darted to his lips, and then back to his eyes.
"I love how much you care. I don't just love you, but everything about you. I always have, Tristan. I always will.”
Angela McPherson, Addiction
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Angela  McPherson
“He looked up and our gazes met. He was a beautiful mess, and I loved him so much, but the pain he created… well, I didn't think I'd recover.”
Angela McPherson, Addiction
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Elle A. Rose
“Soul searching? Aren’t you a little young to even think about
that concept?”
“I don’t think a broken heart and shattered soul can be defined
by age. However, it can be measured by the process it takes to
Elle A. Rose, Wayward Love

Angela  McPherson
“The soft smile on Tristan’s face as he drove with his left hand while holding mine in his right screamed louder than any words ever could. He was mine.”
Angela McPherson
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“Un idiota tiene miedo de que se burlen de él...de su infancia...de sus sueños...de sus cosas mas queridas...y también tienen miedo de que le mientan. No le gusta que le mientan. Un idiota subestima el miedo porque es honesto con si mismo. Los idiotas son personas que subestiman sus deseos. Cuando tienen hambre, comen. Cuando quieren leer, buscan un libro. Cuando lloran, buscan consuelo. Soy el tipo de idiota con todos esos deseos y temores. Y estoy orgulloso de ser un idiota.”
L (Elle Lawliet)

Claire Contreras
“La differenza è che sono già rotti, ma io utilizzo i pezzi per ricostruirli. La differenza è che al cuore viene data una seconda occasione; forse si spezzerà di nuovo, ma visto che è già in frammenti, è possibile che la prossima volta si faccia meno male»”
Claire Contreras, Kaleidoscope Hearts

“وكأننا لاَ نعيش سعادةً إلاّ لنموت بعدها مرتين ونعيش بعدها مرتين
لتبقى لذة اللقاء والالتقاء دُهورا عديدة.”
Tahar Mtibaa

“You knew she was the real deal from the moment she started talking. Her words were powerful. She had that certain way about her that sucked you in. It was beyond your better logic. You hated the way she made you feel. You mistook it for helplessness; lack of control. But truth was that she aspired nothing else but authenticity. She was only guilty of raw magnetism.”
Alain Delon, Delon, Romy: Ils Se Sont Tant Aimés
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