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Marsha Canham
“The purpose behind your aggravating persistence eludes me, sirrah. What is it exactly that you wish to know? Lord Lucien is a fine, noble gentleman – ”

“Who loves you to the point of distraction and cannot bear to think of a prolonged separation.”

“A noble gentleman,” she reiterated furiously, “who – ”

“Who wants something you have, and is willing to sacrifice his much prized freedom to get it.”

She flushed hotly. “There may have been some consideration given to the dowry, but – ”

“My lady,” the rogue laughed outright. “You are far too modest. With what you bring into the marriage you will turn Lincoln into his small, private domain. A kingdom, if you will, with a dragon on the throne and a nest of serpents writhing at his feet, eager to do his bidding.”
Marsha Canham, Through a Dark Mist

Pierre Lemaitre
“Avant-guerre, elle les avait démasqués de loin, les petits ambitieux qui la trouvaient banale vue de face, mais très jolie vue de dot. Elle avait une manière aussi efficace que discrète de les éconduire.”
Pierre Lemaitre

Neelam Saxena Chandra
“If you think that educating your girl is enough for her to tackle the boundaries of tradition, then you are wrong. You have to ensure that not only you empower her with education, but also make her strong enough to resist the evils of societal pressure under which she often buckles. Her life and honour are far more important than "What will people say?" A little emotional support from the parents can make the life of a daughter abused by her in-laws beautiful.”
Neelam Saxena Chandra

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