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“To guess is no good, but to anticipate is GREAT.”
Filipe Alou

Dave Hutchinson
“If this were some kind of entertainment, this would be roughly the point where Rupert said, "We don't have any more time, Professor, you must complete your research as soon as possible," but there was no great sense of urgency, no sense that it even mattered. It was just something that Rudi was interested in, for his own reasons. They could be working on this for years and still not understand it, and it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference.
He said, "Look, Professor, a lot of effort went into getting you that information. We'd be grateful if you could make some kind of sense of it reasonably soon.
"There is one thing I can tell you right now," Lev said..."Whoever is running this thing, they're really interested in railways.”
Dave Hutchinson, Europe in Winter

D. Justhy
“To be data centric, is to be person centric.”
D. Justhy, The Billion Dollar Byte