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Danielle Rohr
“When we are true to ourselves, and follow these impulses that sweat from our compressed and broken souls we may just find the beauty, and the oh-so amazing way life can sneak up and smash us in the face!”
Danielle Rohr, Denali Skies

Lynsay Sands
“What are you doing here "
"Hiding with you”
Lynsay Sands, The Immortal Hunter

Siobhan Vivian
“No one was more stunned by the choice than her mother, who claimed to the saleswoman that she hadn't seen Danielle that dressed up since her first Communion.”
Siobhan Vivian, The List

Danielle Rohr
“Coppers and purples, and reds and golds, browns and blacks streaked across the earth violently, and sweeping up and over, a kaleidoscope of dirt and rock that challenges even the most jaded of hearts to not fall under her spell.”
Danielle Rohr, Denali Skies

Katee Robert
“You should be naked and climbing him like a tree.”
Katee Robert, Two Wrongs, One Right

Danielle James
“The sum of a person's life is not determined by one action. It is what you do with the time you are given that matters.”
Danielle James, Absolution