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Margaret George
“So I learned two things that night, and the next day, from him: the perfection of a moment, and the fleeting nature of it.”
Margaret George, The Memoirs of Cleopatra

Margaret George
“I loved him so, even his past was precious to me. I found myself kissing each mark, thinking, I would have had it never happen, I would wish it away, taking him further and further back to a time when he had known no disappointments, no battles, no wounds, as I erased each one. To make him again like Caesarion. Yet if we take the past away from those we love - even to protect them - do we not steal their very selves?”
Margaret George, The Memoirs of Cleopatra

Stephanie Dray
“Selene’s life is a lesson to us that the trajectory of women’s equality hasn’t always been a forward march. In some ways the ancients were more advanced than we are today; there have been setbacks before and may be more in the future.”
Stephanie Dray, Lily of the Nile

Sharon Desruisseaux
“Conformity is deformity”
Sharon Desruisseaux

Kristiana Gregory
“Princess," he said, spreading his arms in a shrug, "how does such a little thing like you get such a big temper?"

I held up my hand to shield my eyes from the sun.

"Marc Antony," I said, "how does such a big man like you have such a little brain?”
Kristiana Gregory, Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile - 57 B.C.

Bettany Hughes
“…often women aren’t allowed to be characters in history, they have to be stereotypes. Cleopatra was a poet and a philosopher, she was incredibly good at maths; she wasn’t that much of a looker. But when we think of her, we think: big breasted seductress bathing in milk. Often, even when women have made their mark and they are remembered by history, we are offered a fantasy version of their lives.”
Bettany Hughes

“How DARE you and the rest of your barbarians set fire to my library? Play conqueror all you want, Mighty Caesar! Rape, murder, pillage thousands, even millions of human beings! But neither you nor any other barbarian has the right to destroy one human thought!”
sidney buchman

Vicky Alvear Shecter
“You must make a choice,” the Goddess said.

“Is that my only choice – to choose between men?” I asked. “I want what Mother had!”

“Your mother chose two men,” she said with light laughter.

“No! She chose independence for her country. She chose power and freedom,” I yelled.

Almost as if in response, a pulsating energy moved up from the ground into my bare feet. It thrummed up my body and radiated out in a bright light, first from my toes, then from my fingertips, then the top of my head.

“I choose power,” I said. “I choose freedom.”
Vicky Alvear Shecter, Cleopatra's Moon

William Shakespeare
“If you find him sad, say I am dancing. If in mirth, report that I am sudden sick.”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

But then the Egyptian noodle made carnal embrace with the enemy who burned the great library of Alexandria without so much as a fine for all that is overdue!”
Tom Stoppard, Arcadia

Margaret George
“I will even not rant about treachery. I was brought up in a sea of treachery and deceit and betrayal. I swam in it like perch in the Nile. I am completely at home in it. I shall not drown.”
Margaret George, The Memoirs of Cleopatra

William Shakespeare
“she did lie
In her pavillion--cloth-of-gold of tissue--
O'er-picturing that Venus where we see
The fancy out-work nature”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

Anne Rice
“The horror was, Cleopatra meant something to these modern people of the twentieth century which was altogether wrong. She had become a symbol of licentiousness, when in fact she had possessed a multitude of amazing talents. They had punished her for her one flaw by forgetting everything else…Remembered, but not for what she was. A painted whore lying on a silken couch. - Ramses”
Anne Rice, The Mummy

Stacy Schiff
“History existed to be retold, with more panache but not necessarily greater accuracy.”
Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life

William Shakespeare
“Que ella que con su muerte le dice a nuestro César:
"Me conquisté yo misma".”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare
“and Anthony,
Enthroned i'th'market-place, did sit alone
Whistling to th'air, which but for vacancy
Had gone to gaze on Cleopatra too,
And made a gap in Nature.”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare
“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
Her infinite variety [...] she makes hungry
Where most she satisfies; for vilest things
Become themselves in her”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

Duane W. Roller
“She did not approach Caesar wrapped in a carpet, she was not a seductress, she did not use her charm to persuade the men in her life to lose their judgement, and she did not die by the bite of an asp…Yet other important elements of her career have been bypassed in the post-antique recension: she was a Skilled naval commander, a published medical authority, and an expert royal administrator who was met with adulation throughout the eastern Mediterranean, perhaps seen by some as a messianic figure, the hope for a future Eastern Mediterranean free of Roman domination.”
Duane W. Roller, Cleopatra: A Biography

William Shakespeare
“Melt Egypt into Nile!”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

Adrian Goldsworthy
“That something is not impossible does not mean that it happened.”
Adrian Goldsworthy, Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare
“Nay, pray you, seek no color for your going,
But bid farewell and go. When you sued staying,
Then was the time for words. No going then! Eternity was in our lips and eyes,
Bliss in our brows’ bent, none our parts so poor
But was a race of heaven. They are so still,
Or thou, the greatest soldier of the world,
Art turned the greatest liar.”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

Stacy Schiff
“Apollodorus came, Caesar saw, Cleopatra conquered.”
Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life

Karen Essex
“As a famous historian once said, in all its history, Rome deigned to fear two people; one was Hannibal, the other was a woman.”
Karen Essex, Pharaoh

Stacy Schiff
“She nonetheless survives as a wanton temptress, not the last time a genuinely powerful woman has been transmuted into a shamelessly seductive one.”
Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life

Adrian Goldsworthy
“Greek was her first language, and in Greek literature and culture she was educated. Although representing on Egyptian temples and some statuary in the traditional headgear and robes of the pharaohs’ wives, it was unlikely she actually dressed this way save perhaps occasionally to perform certain rites. Instead she wore the headband and robes of a Greek monarch. Cleopatra proclaimed herself the ‘New Isis’, and yet her worship of the goddess betrayed a strongly Hellenised version of the cult. She was no more Egyptian culturally or ethnically than most residents of modern day Airzona are Apaches.”
Adrian Goldsworthy, Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare
“ rush into the secret house of death...”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

Anna Akhmatova
( আমি বাতাস ও আগুন - শেকসপিয়ার )
অ্যান্টনির মরা ঠোঁটে আগেই ও খেয়েছিল চুমো
সিজারের পায়ে পড়ে হাঁটু গেঁযে নিয়েছিল কেঁদে
চাকরেরা বিশ্বাসঘাতক । মিইয়ে আসা গাঢ় অন্ধকারে
ওকে হেরে যেতে দেখে রোমের ইগলপাখি উল্লাসে বাজাচ্ছে ভেঁপুভেরি ।

ওর কমনীয় রূপে বাঁধা শেষতম লোকটি ঘরে ঢোকে
ঋজু ও রাজকীয় । নিজেরি রানির সামনে তোতলায় :
“দাসি-গোলামের মতো হাঁটাবে তোমাকে রাজপথে, কেননা বিজয়ী !”
শুনেও ও শুয়ে থাকে, হাঁসের মতন গ্রীবা, শান্ত গরিমায় !

ভোর হলে শেকলে বাঁধবে ওর ছেলেমেয়েদের । সামান্য প্রেম
পৃথিবীতে রয়ে গেছে ওর : এও লোকটির সাথে রসিকতা ।
তারপর ছেড়ে দেবে শেষ করুণার মতো বিষধর
শ্যামল বুকের মাঝে আলতো হাতে কালো জীবটাকে ।”
Anna Akhmatova, Antologia Poética

Anna Akhmatova
(मैं हवा और आग - शेक्सपियर)
एंथनी के मृत होंठ पहले से ही खाए और चूमे जा रहे थे
सीजर के पैर घुटने मोड़कर बैठे थे
सेवक गद्दार होते हैं। घने अंधेरे में
हार को देखते हुए, रोम के ईगलपक्खी तालियों से खेल रहे हैं।

अपने आकर्षक रूप में अंतिम व्यक्ति, घर में प्रवेश किया
लंब और शाही। स्टालिन अपनी रानी के सामने:
"आप सड़क पर एक गुलाम-लड़की की तरह चलेंगे, क्योंकि विजेता!"
वह सुनता है और सोता है, एक बतख की तरह, उष्णकटिबंधीय गर्मी!

भोर में, उसके बच्चे एक चेन बांधेंगे। थोड़ा प्यार
वह अभी भी दुनिया में है: वह भी आदमी के साथ मजाक करता है।
फिर इसे छोड़ना दया की तरह जहरीला होगा
श्यामल छाती के हाथों में काली विशालकाय”
Anna Akhmatova, Anna Ajmatova

Charlotte Brontë
“I rested my temples on the breast of temptation, and put my neck voluntarily under her yoke of flowers; I tasted her cup. The pillow was burning: there is an asp in the garland: the wine has a bitter taste: her promises are hollow- her offers false. I see and know all this.”
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Alex Brunkhorst
“She held a violin delicately tucked in between her soft neck and athletic shoulder, and she was dressed in a white goddess-like gown that pooled on the floor. Wide gold cuffs covered her wrists, dangly earrings hung from her ears and an ornate headband haloed her sharply bobbed black wig. Her eyes were outlined in a smoldering, liquid black, and her lips were the color of blood.
She was dressed as Cleopatra.
Is there a moment in every relationship when it becomes life-threateningly dangerous? When you realize that your heart is so comfortably resting in someone else's hands that should they decide to drop it you would never fully recover? In the case of my relationship with Matilda Duplaine it was at this very moment.”
Alex Brunkhorst, The Gilded Life of Matilda Duplaine

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