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Victor Hugo
“I wanted to see you again, touch you, know who you were, see if I would find you identical with the ideal image of you which had remained with me and perhaps shatter my dream with the aid of reality.

-Claude Frollo ”
Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Charlaine Harris
“We want to climb in with you,' Dermot said. 'We'll all sleep better.'
That seemed incredibly weird and creepy to me - or maybe I only thought it should have. I was simply too tired to argue. I climbed in the bed. Claude got in on one side of me, Dermot on the other. Just when I was thinking, I would never be able to sleep, that this situation was too odd and too wrong, I felt a kind of blissful relaxation roll through my body, a kind of unfamiliar comfort. I was with family. I was with blood.
And I slept.”
Charlaine Harris, Dead in the Family

Claude Roy
“Tristețea persista, dar durerea aproape că dispăruse, ca și cum s-ar fi evaporat. Atinsese acel prag unde durerea care sfâșie nu mai e decât o melancolie plutitoare ce mai curând umbrește decât rănește.”

Claude Roy
“El însuși părea să-și fi luat, față de trecutul lui, distanța pe care o dă indiferența și, poate, ironia. Unele însemnări din carnetul său îl arăta sarcastic, fără rîcă și detașat de toate, cum știu să fie doar cei care într-adevăr au ajuns până departe.”

Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
“This is your idea of a bribe?" Solomon's brow was still lifted.
The Captain laughed roundly. They let her stand there, feeling hopelessly foolish.
"Don;t you want me?" she murmured, almost convincingly.
"Turn around, girl," Solomon spat out.
Now it was she who felt dirty. Roxanne managed to cover herself before the Captain laid his hands on her to drag her out.
Wait!" she cried.
The worst thing Roxanne had ever had to do was beat the body of a filthy, drunken man off her mother with Claude standing nearby, wringing his hands as he witnessed the scene. This was so much worse. This...this would haunt her forever. But she had no choice.
"Wait, please. I do have one more thing." She spoke quickly enough that she could not turn back.
"If you spare my brother," she began, "I'll give you the name of a witch."
This got Solomon's attention. "Now that is worth something.”
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Red Riding Hood