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Idowu Koyenikan
“At the end, someone or something always gives up. It is either you give up and quit or the obstacle or failure gives up and makes way for your success to come through.”
Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for all Africans: How Every African Can Live the Life of Their Dreams

“Real change is difficult at the beginning. Without the familiar to rely upon, you may not in as much command as you had once been. When things are not going your way, you will start doubting yourself. Stay positive, keep the faith, and keep moving forward – your breakthrough may be just around the corner.”
Roy T. Bennett

Israelmore Ayivor
“Everybody is standing, but you must stand out.

Everybody is breaking grounds; but you must breakthrough!

Everybody scratching it; but you must scratch it hard!

Everybody is going, but you must keep going extra miles!

Dare to be exceptionally excellent and why not?”
Israelmore Ayivor

Germany Kent
“6 Ways To Give Your Mind A Break:

1. Stop stressing
2. Stop worrying
3. Give rest to the problems weighing you down
4. Lighten up
5. Forgive yourself
6. Forgive others”
Germany Kent

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
“Every challenge you encounter in life is a fork in the road. You have the choice to choose which way to go - backward, forward, breakdown or breakthrough.”
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, Overcoming the Challenges of Life

Peter Høeg
“Maybe it's wrong when we remember breakthroughs to our own being as something that occurs in discrete, extraordinary moments. Maybe falling in love, the piercing knowledge that we ourselves will someday die, and the love of snow are in reality not some sudden events; maybe they were always present. Maybe they never completely vanish, either.”
Peter Høeg, Smilla's Sense of Snow

Connie Willis
“Don't they know science doesn't work like that? You can't just order scientific breakthroughs. They happen when you are looking at something you've been working on for years and suddenly see a connection you never noticed before, or when you're looking for something else altogether. Sometimes they even happen by accident. Don't they know you can't get a scientific breakthrough just because you want one?”
Connie Willis, Bellwether

Sandra Hersey
“If you want victory in your life you must learn to be alone with your own thoughts and cause them to be correct thoughts!”
Sandra Hersey, Help! I'm Alone with My Mind!: A Guide to Having Victory over Your Thoughts

Israelmore Ayivor
“Winners were not born winners; they learnt and practiced how to win and they have it! Everyone who gives a great testimony about his/her life begins with a beginning that was "inadequate" until something happened... an a breakthrough became evident!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Lisa Jewell
“She felt like a creature born to reside on the bottom of the ocean floor, dark and flat and half-blind, slowly rising through the icy water to the glittering light above.”
Lisa Jewell, The Truth About Melody Browne

A.H. Almaas
“Only when compassion is present will people allow themselves to see the truth.”
A.H. Almaas

Jordan Lee Dooley
“We waste a lot of time building an image we want the world to see instead of taking responsibility for breaking through the limits we create in our own heads and becoming who we were made to be”
Jordan Lee Dooley, Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You're Made to Do

“Be broken, but also, be brave. Your enemies are counting on you to break. The world around is counting on you to breakthrough.”
Jamie McIntosh

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Praying invisibly changes things.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“Breakthroughs don't get planned, they are prepared for.”
Goitsemang Mvula

Andrena Sawyer
“Some of us keep missing the breakthrough because we don't want to cross the bridges of growth that look like weakness, solitude, loneliness, and delay.”
Andrena Sawyer

Michael Bassey Johnson
“The reason why you doubt yourself so much is that you have never seen yourself in action.
You have never seen yourself breaking limits.
You have never seen yourself standing in the spotlight and getting cheered by the audience.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Before You Doubt Yourself: Pep Talks and other Crucial Discussions

Steven Magee
“Follow the clues of investigation to breakthrough.”
Steven Magee

“Every breakthrough is born out of a shift in viewpoint that transforms how a set of circumstances is perceived.”
Jordan Adler, Better Than Beach Money

“Empowering questions sow the seeds needed to harvest breakthroughs.”
Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Mitta Xinindlu
“I cried my tears knowing that a smile would come one day. Today is that one day. Thank you, life.”
Mitta Xinindlu

Adrienne Posey
“A writer's breakthrough is a breakdown with a smile.”
Adrienne Posey

Gift Gugu Mona
“When God favours you, what is meant to break you, will propel you towards a breakthrough.”
Gift Gugu Mona, Daily Quotes About God: 365 Days of Heavenly Inspiration

Gift Gugu Mona
“What you are passing through is not where God is taking you. He will see you through. So, hold on until your breakthrough.”
Gift Gugu Mona, Daily Quotes About God: 365 Days of Heavenly Inspiration

Lailah Gifty Akita
“You may never know your moments of breakthrough, so keep believing.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Those who make a difference in this world are the ones who are not afraid of being different.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, The Book of Maxims, Poems and Anecdotes

Stewart Stafford
“The world is glacial when it comes to recognising talent.”
Stewart Stafford

“#Truth as it is #empowers you.
Look at life with pure #love , neither good nor bad, do not brand anything as good or bad, you will empower yourself and others.”
HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

Gift Gugu Mona
“Faith is declaring these words, “I know the odds are against me, but I also know that God You are with me. I will trust You for my breakthrough.”
Gift Gugu Mona, The Essence of Faith: Daily Inspirational Quotes

“Light begins to shine out to the world, and thought emerges swiftly. She feels a smile form and her brain begins to buzz. Understanding.”
Chris-Anne, Light Seer's Tarot: A 78-Card Deck & Guidebook

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