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“We must stand firm between two kinds of madness: the belief that we can do anything; and the belief that we can do nothing.”

Nikos Kazantzakis
“Pentru că se face treaba pe jumătate, îmi spunea el
uneori, că-şi spun oamenii oful pe jumătate, că-s păcătoşi
sau cinstiţi pe jumătate, de-aia e lumea în starea jalnică în
care e acum. Mergi până la capăt, loveşte cu putere, nu-ţi
fie teamă, şi vei birui. Bunului Dumnezeu îi e de-o sută de
ori mai scârbă de-o jumătate de drac decât de-un drac şi
Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

Lisa Kleypas
“I’ve tried so hard to stay away from you,” he whispered one night, cuddling her while the moonlight made stripes across the shadowed hills of the bedclothes.
“Why?” Daisy whispered back, crawling over him until she was draped over the muscled surface of his chest.
He played with the dark cascade of her hair. “Because I shouldn’t come to you like this until we’re married. There’s a risk—”
Daisy silenced him with her mouth, not stopping until his breath had hastened and his bare skin was as hot as a stove-plate beneath her. She lifted her head to smile down into his gleaming eyes. “All or nothing,” she murmured. “That’s how I want you.”
Lisa Kleypas, Scandal in Spring

Mystqx Skye
“In each thrust, I pray... that I may be able to fill that longing she has in her soul. Giving her body if even only a few seconds of respite - as she forgets the void from embracing everything in my beastly world...”