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Aleister Crowley
“This is my real bed-rock objection to the eastern systems. They decry all manly virtue as dangerous and wicked, and they look upon Nature as evil. True enough, everything is evil relatively to Adonai; for all stain is impurity. A bee's swarm is evil — inside one's clothes. "Dirt is matter in the wrong place." It is dirt to connect sex with statuary, morals with art.
Only Adonai, who is in a sense the True Meaning of everything, cannot defile any idea. This is a hard saying, though true, for nothing of course is dirtier than to try and use Adonai as a fig-leaf for one's shame.
To seduce women under the pretense of religion is unutterable foulness; though both adultery and religion are themselves clean. To mix jam and mustard is a messy mistake.”
Aleister Crowley, Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary

Laurence Galian
“Theosophists refer to the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel as the Silent Watcher (the reader might here recall the author's suggestion to make self-observation or self-watching a major magickal goal). Another term for It is the Great Master. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn call It the Genius. Gnostics say the Logos. Zoroaster talks about united all these symbols into the form of a Lion (see Austin Osman Spare's work). Anna Kingsford calls It Adonai (Clothed with the Sun). Buddhists call It Adi-Buddha. The Bhagavad-gītā calls It Vishnu (Krishna is an Avatar of Vishnu). The Yi King calls him The Great Person. The Kabbalah calls It Jechidah.”
Laurence Galian, 666: Connection with Crowley

“Rzekł Jezus : „Niech ten, który szuka nie ustaje w poszukiwaniu, aż znajdzie. I gdy znajdzie Zadrży, a jeśli zadrży, będzie się dziwił i będzie panował nad Pełnią.”
Nag Hammadi, Evanglie gnostique de la vérité

“Kto zna Pełnię będąc pozbawionym siebie, cierpi z braku Pełni. Gdy pozwolicie powstać tamtemu, co jest w was, wtedy to, co macie, uratuje was. Jeślì nie istnieje tamto, co jest w was, wtedy to, czego nie macie w sobie, uśmierci was. Kto znalazł siebie samego, tego świat nie jest wart.”
Nag Hammadi, Evanglie gnostique de la vérité