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Jeff Kinney
“I'm probably something like 95% chicken nugget”
Jeff Kinney, Cabin Fever

K.D. Enos
“Colored like a sunset tide is a gaze sharply slicing through the reflective glass. A furrowed brow is set much too seriously, as if trying to unfold the pieces of the face that stared back at it. One eyebrow is raised skeptically, always calculating and analyzing its surroundings. I tilt my head trying to see the deeper meaning in my features, trying to imagine the connection between my looks and my character as I stare in the mirror for the required five minutes.

From the dark brown hair fastened tightly in a bun, a curl as bright as woven gold comes loose. A flash of unruly hair prominent through the typical browns is like my temper; always there, but not always visible. I begin to grow frustrated with the girl in the mirror, and she cocks her hip as if mocking me. In a moment, her lips curve in a half smile, not quite detectable in sight but rather in feeling, like the sensation of something good just around the corner. A chin was set high in a stubborn fashion, symbolizing either persistence or complete adamancy. Shoulders are held stiff like ancient mountains, proud but slightly arrogant.

The image watches with the misty eyes of a daydreamer, glazed over with a sort of trance as if in the middle of a reverie, or a vision. Every once and a while, her true fears surface in those eyes, terror that her life would amount to nothing, that her work would have no impact. Words written are meant to be read, and sometimes I worry that my thoughts and ideas will be lost with time.

My dream is to be an author, to be immortalized in print and live forever in the minds of avid readers. I want to access the power in being able to shape the minds of the young and open, and alter the minds of the old and resolute. Imagine the power in living forever, and passing on your ideas through generations. With each new reader, a new layer of meaning is uncovered in writing, meaning that even the author may not have seen.

In the mirror, I see a girl that wants to change the world, and change the way people think and reason. Reflection and image mean nothing, for the girl in the mirror is more than a one dimensional picture. She is someone who has followed my footsteps with every lesson learned, and every mistake made. She has been there to help me find a foothold in the world, and to catch me when I fall. As the lights blink out, obscuring her face, I realize that although that image is one that will puzzle me in years to come, she and I aren’t so different after all.”
K.D. Enos

Richelle E. Goodrich
“I like bubbles in everything. I respect the power of silence. In cold or warm weather I favor a mug of hot cocoa. I admire cats―their autonomy, grace, and mystery. I awe at the fiery colors in a sunset. I believe in deity. I hear most often with my eyes, and I will trust a facial expression before any accompanying comment. I invent rules, words, adventures, and imaginary friends. I pretend something wonderful every day. I will never quit pretending.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

Christian Cipollini
“Writes very good books; about very bad things.”
Christian Cipollini

Daniel Handler
“I'm a lunatic wandering around for scraps, I'm like every single miserable moron I've scorned, and pretended I didn't recognize. I'm all of them, every last ugly thing in a bad last-minute costume. I'm not different, not at all, not different from any other speck of a thing.”
Daniel Handler, Why We Broke Up

Arthur Nersesian
“When I was in my teens, I made an appraisal of how comfortable my life could turn out when I became the age I am now. Because of a mechanical failure, the prediction was inexact.”
Arthur Nersesian, The Fuck-Up

J.R. Rim
“We should all live as though someone is writing a book about us.”
J.R. Rim

Jackie Kay
“I think I'll get a nut roast. Maybe a nut roast is too lesbian?”
Jackie Kay, Reality, Reality

“i don't care what do you think about me... i just care about myself”
Maryum Ahsam

“i don't care what do you think about me... i just care about myself.”
Maryum Ahsam

“For Jesus, it was about the Father and us. It was not about Him. Could we say the same about ourselves? From the book: Removing Your Shame Label.”
Eddie Capparucci

Israelmore Ayivor
“Your self-image tells about what you think about yourself and how you appear to yourself in your own conscience. Self-image is the picture of yourself carried in your own mind.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

Dianerste Ross
“I'm a outspoken person, a little thick on the side, kick ass personality, a southern girl; but thats all I'll ever be, sometime Antisocial when u start being phoney. Im a good. An loyal person, with a heart good as gold. I don't like drama, I relocated from it.”
Dianerste Ross

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