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Would this series be appropriate to put in my middle school library?

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Elesse W. Middle school, no. High school, yes. Yes there is brief swearing and sexual content here and there, but these kids are in high school. They're experiencing these things already whether parents know it or not. I recommend it because there is MAJOR character development. A lot of lesson's learned. Honestly a character could either be relatable (because not every young adult is an angel) and show them what they may be doing wrong and what they should fix or change, or the character could be completely unrelatable but give young adults some insight and intelligence on things to look out for while in high school. I read this series from 8th grade til the last book came out after I graduated and to be perfectly completely honest, these books will make you think twice.
(Remember that time Zoey cheated on her boyfriend and broke his heart and in the end, it was definitely not worth it and a HUGE mistake.)
The way the characters grow and correct their mistakes is something I believe would be worth reading.
Shelli Also? It's terrible.
Beyoncé No, I read this book as a teenager and it was cringe worthy. Although, it would be appropriate for maturing minds it is too much! I loved the book though!!
Charlotte no it would definitley not be suitible, its probably only just suitible for me and i'm in yr 7
Ashley Allen No, there is sexual activity within the first chapter if I'm remembering right.
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Meghan Anne A little too crude for middle school
Kaitlyn Hoban This book series is terrible. Very poorly written. I read them back when I was 13. The content was fine. The writing style is atrocious.
Ivana Perić Hahahah No. Definetly no.
Kayla These were in my high school library and I think that would be fine but really after reading up to like the 5th book i would say these wouldn't be appropriate for middle school. There's a lot of swearing and sexual situations I don't think parents of middle schoolers would want their children reading about as other answers have said... >_<
Emily nope. lots of cursing in the series, lots of sexual behavior. a little too adult for middle schoolers
Sandra I read this book when I was a freshman in high school. There is some sexual content that most high schoolers experience wether they want to admit to their parent or not. So I would say it would be best suited for high schoolers.
Annie (Sad Water Bottle) As a teenager myself, I say to go ahead. A lot of adults tend to treat us as if we're innocent angels who don't know how babies are made, which is, quite frankly, bullshit. And even if they don't, the worst-case scenario is that they'll be confused and learn something. So please, don't treat us like idiots.
Kate I would not put this in a middle school library. There is swearing and sexual content. High school is probably fine. Not going to lie, I grabbed this from my freshman daughter when she was finished and read it. After talking with her, she told me that it made her a little uncomfortable when they talked so much about sexual things. So no, I would not recommend this for anybody below the age of 14 or 15.
Rosy Yes, It is totally fine I have read a lot more mature content and i am in the 8 grade plus lots of books in middle school have sexual content and swearing, my teacher recommended this series to me in 6th grade or maybe i am just a really mature reader
Aaron Dettmann The main character constantly calls herself and others a "ho". Aslo, she spots her rival giving a boy a BJ in the first book as well.
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