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Would this title be acceptable to recommend to middle schoolers or is this intended for older young adults?

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Julia I would have been fine with this as a middle schooler. (Just read it a few days ago...I'm 17 now.) Even the sexy stuff isn't that graphic, and it's described pretty vaguely. I say it's fine.
Kelly I teach Middle School. This book is in my classroom library right next to the John Green, David Levithan and others. Read it first and see chose for yourself. I have a number of students that can handle the topics addressed within. Additionally, the writing is beautiful - a wonder-full model for excellent writing.
Akemi G I'm more concerned about adults' censoring which book might be okay to give to certain age readers. If the content is too much to handle for a specific reader, he or she will quit reading--naturally. If you censor, and if the child is smart, they'd sense something is awkward, and that can be more problematic.

People grow at different pace. Some teens seem to understand even Lolita, while many adults just judge its content. This is a candy compared to Lolita.
Natasha I was fine with this book as a seventh grader. I still enjoy it a year later, I just get new meaning out of it now.
Ana Yeah, it is okay after all... I am 13 and nothing really shocked me (at all). Good luck !
Tracy I loved this book. I am definitely comfortable recommending it to my 11th and 12th grade students, and probably 9th and 10th. I would suggest you read it and decide yourself about middle schoolers. I think it might depend on the student and their maturity, mostly because of the sexuality in the book.
Vicki I wouldn't give it to middle schoolers as there is explicit sexual activity between the two boys and suggestive scenes with Jude & some characters. I would say 9th grade up.
Sarah Johnston I read this when i was 12 and in grade seven and i thought it was fine, but a bit mature at times but not horribly inapropriate for avid readers :)
Caroline Bartels 9th and up...lots of f-bombs and swearing and sexual situations. None of it gratuitous.
Tiana It is perfectly okay for middle schoolers. Older young adults would enjoy this book too, though.
Leeann I am NOT at ALL into censoring the books that my students read, but I teach 6th and 7th grade English. . . .and I think that this one is a book I will put on my Upper School bookshelf.

There are VERY few that I would withhold, but I just don't know if the 6th graders are ready for the rawness and passion of this story. There are, no doubt, kids who are ready to experience this, but there are more who would not be.

This is a BEAUTIFUL story, and I would rather put it in the hands of someone who is open to every word. A few more years will make all the difference.
Jane ☾ the question is old, so you probably don't care anymore, but I read this when I was 13 and loved it. I wouldn't recommend it to a random middle schooler, though. The sex is kind of graphic and at one point underage. There's lots of drinking and nudity too. But if you think they are mature, then go right on ahead. I forced some of my reader friends to read it, but I described it to my friends who don't read and they were freaked out by all the NSFW stuff.
HeatherAnne Norbury I wouldn't recommend assigning this in a classroom setting, but I had no problem recommending it to my homeschooled 12yo son after I read it. Nothing gratuitous and the internal dialog going along with the decisions is good and something I think kids need to read to help them with their own internal dialogs.
Jen I would not be ok with my middle school student reading this. There is teenage sex, homosexual relationships, and gratuitous language. None of these topics are things I want my middle school student to within a classroom.
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Melodie Somewhere between that age range. I read this just a few months ago, and I'm 14 (and I absolutely loved it omg). I would recommend this book for people the ages of 13+. Although there is some sexy stuff, it's not that graphic. But the themes presented in the novel might be dramatic enough to scare a middle grade student.
Teddy Yu It all depends on maturity. I'm twelve and when we read to kill a mockingbird in English, half of the class couldn't handle it and the other half (I was on) could. I plan to read this soon, so...
Laurie I would recommend for middle schoolers. If you are concerned, for sure read it yourself (if you haven't all ready) so you can be available to answer any questions. Sexuality is discussed before middle school, and I have to I read this book, I thought the relationship between the boys was so romantic.
J.D. Im in middle school and I LOVED this book I would 100% recommend this to other middle schoolers.
Maya Old question but I think it's really important to note that Jude, one of the characters, is raped on page. It's not explicit, but it is still an older boy raping a 14-year-old girl, which is, understandably, confronting for some readers.
Ms. Stephens I teach 5th/6th grades, and I do not believe in censoring. At the same time, I'm very careful with how I curate my classroom library. I do "censor," if you will, books for racist content (i.e., Little House on the Prairie, The Indian in the Cupboard) -- these books should either not be read at all, or only be read with a mentor who will discuss the racism and help the child think critically about it. Thus, I don't want them on my shelf where any child can just pick them up and read them uncritically.

(Full disclosure: the Wilder books are some of my favorites, but I read them aloud to my own children and thus was able to either elide certain parts, change them, or discuss them.)

I also "censor" for mature content because I do not want a parent on the phone with my principal about a book their child read from my classroom that they feel is inappropriate.

My rule of thumb is that if the book is rated for ages 12+ (since I teach ages 10-12) and I haven't read it (and therefore formed my own opinion about its appropriateness), it doesn't go on my shelf.

I *LOVED* I'll Give You the Sun -- the writing is gorgeous -- and I had it on my shelf when I taught 10th/11th grades. Clearly it's inappropriate (by my definition) for my 5/6th graders, but I wouldn't even put it on my shelf if I taught 8th-graders, even though I do think many 8th graders would love it and could handle the mature content.

Hope this helps.
Josanna This is a good book and written with passion and emotion. I would recommend It for students but, probably not do class read aloud on it. Some children probably would poke fun at the characters. I am in middle school and I really enjoyed this book. I think it teaches a good lesson most children have to learn on their own. It depends on the maturity level of your class. (I don't even know why I answered this it's so old)
Kyra No, I wouldn't recommend this for middle schoolers. There is some explicit activity between some of the characters. Probably not the best information for 12-year-olds.
Inês Nunes I read it first when I was 14, nothing particulary shocked me, but every person is different.
afton hourigan yes, half the book is told by a 13/14 year old!
Chloë As a middle schooler, no, but also yes. It depends on the maturity of the person, not the grade or age. Nothing was really new to me in this book. There are a few language issues, but overall, it should be fine
Ru Definitely! I read this book recently as a 7th grader and I'd say it was just fine. There is nothing described in detail, and all of the scenes that do contain questionable stuff focus more on how the character felt about it (excitement, joy, guilt) rather than what happened.
Nicole I would say no to middle-schoolers. The literary voice (I've listened to it) is just too adult. It's not the other content that people speak of, I just feel there is time for kids to be kids for awhile longer, especially 13 and under. The characters are "old-souls" in my opinion. I've been questioning this the whole time. I've appreciated it, but I have my own coming-of-age experience to draw on. There is a lot going on in this book.
Ames Yes. I'm reading it right now and I'm in middle school. It's a really great book. I wouldn't do a class-read aloud with it, but I think it is acceptable for middle schoolers.
Mary LaPointe I would be careful with recommending this for younger students. there is an alluded to rape scene, although technically she never did say no. There is also adultery, and homosexuality. I would have been fine with my 8th grade daughter reading it but I know a number of parents who would not.
Jillian I let my 14 year old read it at 11, I could not imagine letting my 12 1/2 year old read it at any point in the next 2 or so years. It really depends more on maturity, reading level, and reading comprehension level, than on age/grade.
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Kelly Hodges Definitely for older young adults. I would say 17 and over.
EmmaB It's one of those books that I would recommend to individual students, rather than the whole class. Some wouldn't be ready for it. That said, it is in my classroom library.
Liz I would not recommend to a middle schooler unless the are very mature and understand some of the social issues in this.
Skylar This is not a book for a middle schooler i am sorry but, this book is to under age for teenagers. Thanks, for the feedback!!
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Fiona I would not use this book for some of the middle school crowd. I would say 8th grade and up because there are some very hard issues in the book. Also it may be hard for middle schoolers to follow.
Rebecca Personally, I don't feel that middle schoolers have enough similar experiences to really appreciate this novel. After all, it is a young adult novel, not a book for kids.
Anna I'm 12 and I read "I'll Give You the Sun". It's very good writing, and I am a mature reader. I think it would be fine for some middle schoolers, but the teacher should definitely read it first. A seriously great book.
Shara Weiss Perfect YA book...not for middle school...not that there aren't isolated students who aren't ready for it...just because students who aren't ready would have the same access and it could stir up a can of worms. I loved the reminded me of some poetry I loved growing up that I hadn't thought about in a long much emotion in this book.
Iz Definitely recommendable for older middle schoolers that like books (I'm one myself.)
Kate C I'm in eighth grade, and I adored it. I would say it's your call, but older middle schoolers would be okay with it.
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