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Trine To me it doesn't matter anymore. I was a troubled teen when I read it and "Alice" helped me realize, that I should face my problems instead of hiding in substance abuse or commit suicide. Both options I considered and both options I'm proud to say, I've never tried.
Fiction or nonfiction, the issues are real and the story should be respected as such.
I'm sure I'm not the only reader who believes, that characters don't have to be real to make an impact.
Alexandra Carpenter It is widely believed that the "editor", Beatrice Sparks, wrote it as fiction and claimed it was a real diary. Reading the book, though, it's clearly fake. No teenager switches on and off between profanity while simultaneously using a higher caliber of vocabulary at intermittent points. Additionally, many people have noticed style consistencies between the books she claims to have "edited."

Short answer: It's a fake story.
Edwin Stratton-Mackay Go Ask Alice is a politically-funded novel, a terror story to frighten the young and generate scapegoats. A scary fictitious melodrama set at the beginning of the imposition of the catastrophic Nixon "War on Drugs" infrastructure.

Firstly the American regime used a sledgehammer to crush a deeply ingrained cultural nut., Much fewer than 20% of people who try almost all drugs never develop problems with those drugs. Socially unoroblematic, they form part of of society, With the sole exception of tobacco, which kills 60 per cent of its addicts.

What is the real drug problem? Tobacco.

Seven million dead a year. Crack and smack. together, kill less than a thousand. Still a thousand too many, but there's a bait and switch campaign to safe-point tobacco being paid for by tobacco companies. That costs an invisible Holocaust every year. 7 million per year around the world,

Obviously the best thing to do is not to take addictive or harmful drugs in the first place, But since 30 years ago when Go Ask Alice was written the world of drug understanding was totally different; a mystery to most. Thirty years later,tobacco kills millions and 'illegal drugs' still kill thousands.

To understand the real drug problems in society, and the likely outcomes of our decisions, we should read "Risk" by Dan Gardner, which will get us a sense of proportion. Then to understand the nature of addiction itself, Johann Hari's "Chasing the Scream" is brilliant.
Reyna Marie To clear the matter, this novel was not based on a true story, nor is the events following “Alice’s” life, or characters factual. Beatrice Sparks, whom is known to the general public as the editor of Go Ask Alice, populated the false impression that this book was based off of the diary of a young girl, whom fell into the elaborate and dangerous life of a drug addict. However, as mentioned on the novel’s front matter page, this speculation is false, and completely fictitious. Ms. Sparks is also the so called, “anonymous” author to Go Ask Alice, and multiple other diaries.
Emma No. It says it is, as it is supposed to be one, but in reality, it is not. On the inside it says that it is not based off of real people and it is purely a work of fiction. Hope I helped! :-)
LeCuyer Kidd It's "nonfiction", because it is considered the real diary of a real girl. However, it's listed as fiction in some places because none of the situations can really be proven, mostly because of the change in names and dates, and many people believe that it is written by the editor, Beatrice Sparks.
Vilhelm Schmidt 100% fiction. Hilarious.
Amanda The author claims the story is based on actual events, but I'm pretty sure it's all made up.
Imogen Roberts It's real it says what happened to the writer of the diary at the end
Amy It's the diary of a real girl.
Bengü Beginning the book says its real
Dea It is most assuredly fake. Aside from the fact that it's been proven to be fiction written with an agenda, it's unrealistic and contrived. I first read it as a teenager in the late eighties. At that time, I thought it was just overstated. As an adult, I became suspicious and reread it, then did research. And yes, it's fake—even more fake than her other books.
Edwin Staples Fake diary written by a woman in her 50s who was known for authoring fake diaries meant to scare teens back into church, the nuclear family, etc.
Jessica Real. Since it shows at the very end what had happened to her after her decision not to keep another diary, it's pretty obvious it was based on a real diary that was found.
Lilian The book is very detailed to be a false account, but considering the 'physcologist's note' at the end of the story and the message it is trying to deliver, it is most likely a propaganda. Nethertheless I was very moved by this book and found it an interesting read.
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