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Is it as confusing and frustrating as the movie adaptation?

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Charlotte The movie has no right to call itself 'Winter's Tale.' The two have almost nothing in common except the characters' names.
Sharon J The movie adaptation was pathetic. Stripped this incredible story down to one tiny part, leaving out much and creating more questions than it answered.

The book, which I have read at least three times is brilliant and magical and hugely broad in scope. One of my all time favourites, actually.
Sandy Brown Jensen I loved the movie so much that it made me want to read the book, which I am currently deep into. It's North American magic realism at its best--fabulous!
Ronald Curington I read the book when it first came out and have read it many times over since then. As one of the New York Time’s reviewers so aptly commented “It’s a fire breathing dragon of a novel”

A stunningly rich tapestry of time, space, & magic. Helprin’s exploration of the characters etches them into your memory for ever. “tugboat”

The movie is a joke and a cruel joke at that. Granted it was an overly ambitious project to try and put that book into a two hour movie.

Perhaps a miniseries or a trilogy of some sort. Maybe something on the order of “Lord of The Rings”

I can’t tell you what a disappointment the movie was after so many years of wishing someone would attempt it.
J.D.Staton It's impossible to take an intensely disjointed, convoluted, overly complex book of this size and try to shove it into a two hour movie. It takes over 27 hours just to listen to it via audiobook. This book covers more than 100 years of NYC history (and far more parts of it than most people would EVER be interested in), multiple cultural groups/settings, multiple families, far too many characters to keep track of them all realistically (many are purely superfluous), and the storyline, along with its endless pieces, is very poorly tied together at the end.
Amanda I much preferred the movie over the book. The movie covers the only part of the book that's actually interesting.
Corey I have not seen the movie, but I've read that it is awful. The book is great.
Drew The movie basically covers the first 25% of the novel, and maybe the last 5%. But it's a fairly shallow thing in comparison to the book. It's also very blatant about "what it all means" except I don't think the book means what Akiva Goldsman thinks it means.
Jeannine I would say that the movie is actually pretty good - as entertainment and as a love story. If you are looking for a theatrical adaptation of the book, it is most definitely not that. . . The movie is very loosely (and when I say that, more loose than even the Harry Potter movies) based on the story. As Stephanie says, there's not a huge connection, except for the setting and the characters.
Brittani As long as the book is, there is NO WAY a movie could really be made out of it.
Echo I would actually say the opposite. I watched the movie when I was still about halfway through the book, and finished the book later. I would say the movie took a rambling, incoherent story and made it lucid. I finished the book, but I couldn't give you a good plot synopsis if I tried, or even a good guess at the "meaning" behind it all.
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