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Can someone tell me the reasons why this book is named The Metamorphosis? What are the reasons behind this name? I really need it and I wanna know why.

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Annemary Noble Metamorphosis was first written by Ovid; it's about the changing of gods, demi-gods and heroes. Kaffka (as I know) wanted to show the 'modern' changing of people: if one becomes useless his family will not care about him (same things may happen to old and sick people as well).
Arun Rawat
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Sohini Banerjee Hey,

I read the book slightly differently. From my perspective, it's Gregor's physical transformation definitely - and even like Greek tragedies, his fall from an elevated position to that of nothing. The same Gregor, who was once the bread earner and even the voice in the family, was now reduced to the state of a beetle, for no fault of his. The book in that sense is about his struggle and pursuit to be accepted and accept his present state.

But on the other hand, I also think it's the transformation of his family. In the beginning, it seemed like a not-so-close family, but towards the end they started making decisions collectively, they made compromises in life, they even started to fend for themselves. The ending says it all, when the decision to kill Gregor/the insect bonds them and they leave the house together, as a family. The observation by Mr.Samsa, that Grete had transformed into a lady, is probably doing justice to the title. (Hope you like this explanation as well)
Vani Well! the book highlights the metamorphosis of a man into an insect, above that the metamorphosis of the feelings of his family members, their attitudes change and how all the situationas in a normal human life changes with his transformation into an insect. I guess that is why it is called the metamorphosis.
Samuel Edwards Sounds like somebody needs to write an essay...
Sreejita It's Metamorphosis of all sorts, of a human into a beetle, of the gradual transition of the emotions and sentiments of the members of Samsa family. Metamorphosis means change or transformation and that's what the story is about- change of physical, emotional states of the different characters
Basil the book says about the changes happening to gregor samsa,his family members,and the house.............dress,thoughts,food,jobs,....everything....i meant everything changes after this misfortune that falls over gregor....and its all happens in a morning,,,suddenly,unpredicted, these things with the word meaning of metemorphosis that i got from google......
------Metamorphosis----- is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation.
Contessa Metamorphosis is another word for change. The man /changes/ into a giant beetle. Its a metamorphosis. A process of change.
Shillpi Banerrji So metamorphosis as a term means, to change. The art of transforming is called metamorphosis. It is termed to show the process of change, from a human body to a back of shell and 6 legs on the sides. I think kafka did that, to speak about change in perception, to know how it feels to go through the process and become someone else. You can turn into a butterfly from a caterpillar and get wings. So i guess he used this term to show the viewers and talk about change in his twisted ways.
Mark Baller It is a simile for how society will judge you for your attitude and moral values more so than the actual legal value of actions - you will change metamorphosize into a disgusting roach and then be squished under a judgement boot.
David Wyllie Another translation could be "Transformation", but biologists use the word 'metamorphosis' when talking about a larva changing into an imago, and and as Kafka describes something like an insect (without actually saying Samsa was an insect) he forces the translator's choice.
Alen Piralić The Metamorphosis - in biology, it is a visible change of an organism. In Kafka's book, ''metamorphosis'' pertains to Gregor Samsa's decadence from a human being to something completely opposite, not because of the change in his character, but because of the devastating effect of interpersonal relationships - shallowness, ingratitude, misunderstanding, selfishness, arrogancy, cynism, in one word, lack of love. It is a description of severe clinical depression, major depression, it is a description of his existential crisis, something only an unhappy person can feel and understand. Being treated in an inhumane and a degrading way, he stopped feeling human. That is what ''Metamorphosis'' means, it has nothing to do with physical appearance, but with how a man feels inside, being rejected from people you know, being cast out from this world into nothingness.

No one welcomed his ''metamorphosis'' because they knew they were responsible for it, they caused it, and that's whyit was so difficult for other characters to help him or acknowledge it, because they would have to confront the monsters in themselves - the easiest thing to do was to continue ignoring and mistreating Gregor. On the other hand, in the end, both parents were very satisfied and proud when they realized how their daughter has turned into a grown woman, even though it is a phydsical change they had nothing to do with.
Emmet D'Alton 'Metamorphosis' is about as accurate a translation as we can get from English for 'Verwandlung', which is the book's actual title. In English, 'metamorphosis' also means the natural changing of, say, a caterpillar into a butterfly, as well as the supernatural changing of a pumpkin into a carriage; whereas in Kafka it only has the latter meaning. It's the best we can do, and now the title has stuck.
Elenaav It's a Greek word from the verb ''μεταβαινω'' which means ''I change'' and the noun ''μορφη'' which means apperance,shape
آلاء شرف الدين in translated story that I read it was said that metamorphosis is by magic power or by god for bad behavior, but Kafka didn't say why just talked about it as if it's was very normal!
Maro Zagora
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RJ Deeds

a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.
"his metamorphosis from presidential candidate to talk-show host"
Paige Turner Metamorphosis essentially means a change of the form of an organism into a different one by any means. Gregor goes through a considerable metamorphosis. He changes from a human to a bug, his perspective and thought process also changes as the book progresses.
Katherine Vitale Oh no, you go to Sparks Notes like the rest of us did in high school and do your own cheating!
Elena Aiyla
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Nikki The dude changes into a giant beetle - that is metamorphosis. Like a caterpillar changing to a butterfly.
Phillip Kafka's genius has 2 sides: the change in all of the members of the Samsa Household - - AND - the change in poor Gregor who no longer fits in. But Gregor's change into a "beetle" is NOT necessarily as it appears! > It can be seen as a rising Above his paltry eXistence as a Bread Winner in the physical sense to a FLYing Creature in a spiritual sense.... this is the hidden side of Kafka which is very rarely appreciated in its full depth > Note: the Open Window and sunrise at 3AM.... the physical sun does NOT come up at 3AM in Prague in the Spring, ie. this only makes sense in a m e t a p h o r i c a l way: Christ was crucified at 3 PM..... think about it.
Rachana Metamorphosis is a scientific term meaning transformation, a complete change in the existing form. Most of the times it is the compulsory part of the growth process. And many a times the extreme surrounding conditions too bring about the profound physical and/ chemical changes in the subject resulting in the metamorphism. As the subject transforms, so are its relations with the surroundings change profoundly.
Mare Shaffer Anne-Marie Noble, how is it that you KNOW "Kaffka"... [sic] "wanted to show the 'modern' changing of people."..?

Give citations.

And Ovid was Czech? Hmmmmm.....

Kafka's writing is about the FEELING of frustration.
Pascal Gorter
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